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HawkEye® Wheel Alignment System

HawkEye Wheel Alignment System - Hunter
HawkEye Wheel Alignment Machine - Hunter
HawkEye Wheel Aligner Tool - Hunter
HawkEye Computerized Wheel Alignment Machine


Recall specs in a snap!
Recall OE specs and vehicle specific alignment procedures instantly. (Standard with WA400 consoles, optional with WA300 consoles.)

Steering system reset!
Reset computerized steering systems on a wide variety of vehicles with one simple tool.

High-resolution cameras!
Four high-resolution cameras provide alignment measurements with pinpoint accuracy.

Easy access targets!
Store targets within arm's reach of each wheel for maximum productivity.

Inflation and no gauges!
Set and record tire pressure automatically without cumbersome hoses and gauges.

No more lock-pin hassles!
Forget pulling and replacing lock pins by hand.


PowerBay 2 Minute Drill

WinAlign Software

WinToe Operation

FIA Alignment


HunterNet Brochure

Your online database for vehicle information and shop statistics

HawkEye Alignment Systems Brochure (French)

Greater profit and productivity through innovation.

WinAlign WA300 Spec Sheet

WA300 Series Consoles Specifications Sheet

HawkEye HS421 Series Sensors Spec Sheet

HS421 Series Sensors Specifications Sheet

WinAlign Console Upgrades Brochure

For 211/311/411/511/611/811 Systems

HawkEye Alignment Systems Brochure (Spanish)

Greater Profit and productivity through innovation

HawkEye Alignment Systems Brochure

Greater profit and productivity through innovation



Two minutes is all it takes to get a printout with alignment reading prepared for your customer, using Hunter's new PowerBay Express Alignment System. By integrating strategic high speed technologies, the PowerBay System redefines the wheel alignment service bay for greater speed and efficiency.

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