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PT200 Alignment System

PT200 Heavy Duty Wheel Aligner
PT200 Heavy Duty Truck Wheel Aligner
PT200 Heavy Duty Wheel Aligner Truck


Fast and Powerful
Linux-powered system equipped with quad-core Intel® processor and full-speed USB support

Wide-screen support
24-in. wide-screen LCD comes standard

Measurement capability
Measure camber, caster, tore, thrust angle, Steering Axis Inclination (SAI), Included Angle (IA), Toe-Out-On-Turns and Maximum Steering Angle

Extensive Specification Database
Includes more than 20 years of domestic specifications with customizable additions

Explain needed parts and repairs and show completed work to customers using detailed, color-coded printouts.


Hunter PT200 Brochure

ProAlign alignment System for Heavy-Duty Trucks

Hunter PT200 Brochure (Spanish)

ProAlign alignment System for Heavy-Duty Trucks



The Hunter PT200 heavy-duty alignment system include all the essential features need to perform fast, accurate alignments on trucks, busses, RVs and other heavy-duty vehicles.

Our patented truck alignment system utilizes our ProAlign 2 HD software, providing users with a powerful tool to reduce alignment times and increase productivity.

Our PT200 Truck Wheel Aligner utilizes patented DSP700T sensors, providing cordless operation and Pro-Comp compensation to ensure accurate measurements even if wheels rotate after compensation.

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