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B400T System

Hunter B400T Brake Tester
Hunter B400T Brake Tester
Hunter B400T Brake Tester
Hunter B400T Brake Tester


60 seconds or less!
Drive the vehicle onto plates and apply the brakes. Precision load cells automatically measure braking forces and dynamic weight. As each axle is tested, results are displayed on the color monitor. Results are automatically stored and can be printed out at the end of the test . . . all in 60 seconds or less!

Brake Balance Results
Segments inside each wheel graphic indicate braking force as a percent of weight: the more segments, the higher brake strength. For an “ideal” vehicle, all segments would be the same length.

Service Brake Results
This display provides raw brake force data. Linear graphs plot braking force and dynamic weight. The top graph shows the steer axle and the bottom graph displays drive axle or tandem. Deceleration and/or braking distance can also be displayed, which is particularly useful for transit applications.

Static Weight Results
Static weighing is performed automatically as soon as the vehicle comes to rest. The display shows static weight for each wheel, total for each axle and total for vehicle, along with GAWR and GVWR. If an axle is overweight, the accompanying arrow will turn red.

“Plain English” description of vehicle results are color-coded and may be printed.


B400T Heavy-Duty Brake Tester Brochure

Measure brake balance on multi-axle vehicles


B400T System

The Hunter B400T Brake Tester Machine flawlessly measures brake balance on multi-axle vehicles in 60 seconds or less. Along with industry-leading brake testing equipment, the B400T truck brake tester has exceptional reporting capabilities, providing detailed easy-to-read brake analysis instantaneously. You won’t find a comparable truck brake tester on the market to the Hunter B400T.


TechShop Top 5 Tools (B400T) 2008

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