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Brake Inspection System - Hunter Engineering
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Tire Inspection System - Hunter Engineering

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Drive revenue and increase customer retention by utilizing integrated Hunter inspection technology. Now you can quickly identify profitable repair opportunities and secure service authorizations easier than ever before!

Hunter inspection technology integrates with leading industry partners to span the entire customer service experience. Our partners integrate with virtually every major dealer management and shop management system. Contact your local Hunter sales representative today to learn more!

AutoPoint was founded in 2003 with the intent to create better tools for dealership service departments. We were a small company that was hungry to innovate and provide our customers with the latest digital solutions to increase productivity and customer retention. In 2014, our business was transformed – AutoPoint was acquired by Solera Holdings. With Solera’s resources and leadership principles, our once small company has exploded into an industry leader for the fixed operations space.. We are hungry to be the best and with Solera we can be.
Identifix serves more than 100,000 automotive technicians and shop owners in North America through its online Direct-Hit® system, Virtual Tech service and Direct-Shop® shop management system. With the integration of Code Assist by Identifix, Quick Check inspections systems now provide enhanced features and reporting for emissions-related Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) including a complete list of emissions trouble codes being reported by the vehicle, trouble code descriptions for each and every emissions code, and top causes and fixes for each active DTC reported.
AutoLoop has become the leading provider of marketing solutions for effective and profitable customer relationship management at the dealer level. A singular focus on customer engagement has been the hallmark of our success. Our proprietary software utilizes unique targeting capabilities, facilitating the alignment of effective communications. It also capitalizes on our extensive data analytics to dramatically increase dealer profitability.
Dealer Tire is the only national firm exclusively dedicated to helping original equipment automobile manufacturers design, implement, and manage profitable tire programs for their dealerships that, in turn, increase customer satisfaction, customer safety, and customer retention. Replacing bald tires at dealerships is now even easier due to integration with tread scanning technology from Hunter. This integration allows Dealer Tire’s software to provide a full solution that pairs treadwear results with inspection data to help service advisors easily write up quotes.
Hunter Engineering and AutoServe1 have partnered to bring you a bumper to bumper digital vehicle inspection system that is integrated with Hunter’s Quick Check®, Quick Tread and Hawkeye Elite systems.  These results go directly into AutoServe1’s larger digital inspection form for the entire vehicle that your technicians can complete on tablets instead of using paper. This expands your shop’s ability to immediately deliver complete vehicle assessments to customers’ smart phones in minutes. It’s an old saying but it’s more true than ever – seeing is believing. More customer education and trust brings in more business every day.
Hunter Quick Check® and Quick Tread® inspection systems now feature integration with Mobile Manager Pro by BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY®, a digital multi-point inspection tool featuring color-coded results and Hunter’s comprehensive digital inspection report powered by HunterNet®.

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