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Tips for Choosing Vehicle Inspection Equipment

Business Partner
Cutting edge manufacturers do more than sell great products. They offer a partnership to help grow your business. Consult with the manufacturer to determine if they are a true partner with your business before choosing to use them as your preferred vehicle inspection equipment provider.
Long Term Cost of Ownership
Always be sure to consider the long term cost of ownership when investing in vehicle inspection equipment. Some products seem like a great deal at first but require monthly fees for the lifetime of the equipment. These monthly fees can rise and stack up quickly. Look for products that only require a one-time investment.
The most profitable equipment integrates inspection results with leading automotive software providers. Choosing the right vehicle inspection equipment, that can be integration-ready will maximize your profit potential.
Facility Design
Incorporating inspection equipment into your business requires thoughtful, intelligent facility design. Investigate if the manufacturer offers innovative facility design services and tools to enhance your service capabilities.
Speed & Ease of Use
You have no time to waste! Go for the equipment that uncovers profitable repair opportunities in seconds and is so simple to use that it requires little or no instruction.
Drive over tread depth measurement equipment has a hard life. It is driven over regularly and covered in dirt, water, and snow. Look for the equipment that is self-cleaning and ready to handle all types of weather conditions.
Management Tools
Inspection equipment should be easy to track and manage. Make sure the equipment has the ability to store results, track trends and generate management reports. You will save lots of headaches and time with the right equipment.
Customers are often skeptical of service recommendations. You can establish trust by performing inspections based on legitimate OEM specifications. Check to make sure your equipment uses OEM specifications for the appropriate inspection items.
Sales Training
Inspection findings and recommendations must be effectively communicated to vehicle owners to maximize your service acceptance rate. Verify the manufacturer provides sales counter tools, local training and support with their products. Online videos don’t compare to custom-tailored, on-site training.
Local Service
Shop equipment requires maximum uptime so you can keep your bays full and profits high. Before investing, be sure the manufacturer provides local same or next day service.
The best vehicle inspection equipment is often widely trusted. Ask your manufacturer for a list of local references.


When choosing your next piece of vehicle inspection equipment, contact a Hunter Engineering expert.


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