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RKHD Heavy-Duty Power Rack

Hunter RKHD Power Rack
Hunter RKHD Power Rack
Hunter RKHD Power Rack
Hunter RKHD Power Rack


Pop-Up Ramps
Add wheelbase capacity while making efficient use of bay space. Automatic wheel stops engage when ramps are raised to up position. Ramp legs safely lock in over-center position at maximum rise.

Lift Controls
Require two hands for safer operation

Recessed Pockets
Ready for optional turnplates

Super-wide Runways
33-inch runways make drive-on/drive-off easy and safe

Runway Sections
An unlimited number of runway sections can be added to increase wheelbase capacity

Surface & Drive Angle
Non-skid surface helps prevent wheel-spin & 8° approach angle for drive-on clearance

Inside Rub-Rails
Help prevent smaller vehicles from driving off the sides of the runways.

Optional Jack Tray
With wheels and guides simplifies alignment and other service operations that require jacking. An option for bottle jacks is also available. (Optional)

Super-strong truss-design runways provide 20,000 lbs. per axle capacity.


RKHD Heavy-Duty Power Rack Brochure

For Alignment and General Service


RKHD Power Rack

Hunter’s RKHD Series of power lift racks brings innovative safety and versatility features to the shop to make heavy-duty alignment fast and easy.

This heavy-duty wheel alignment equipment can adjust to support vehicles up to 20,000 lbs. per-axle, with a runway width of 33 in.

This truck lift rack bolts directly to the bay floor providing maximum strength. Each leg has a level adjustment for maximum accuracy, while adjustable wheel stops provide clearance for vehicle service operations. These power lift racks also feature a non-skid surface, preventing wheel spin and its inside rub-rails prevent smaller vehicles from driving off the sides of the runway.

You won’t find any other truck lift rack or bus lift rack on the market with the innovative features and ease of operation as the Hunter RKHD.

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