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Auto34 Tire Changer

Auto34 Tire Changer
Auto34 Tire Changer
Auto34 Tire Changer
Auto34 Tire Changer
  • Wheel Support Plate
  • Quick Clamp - Cam Plate
  • Mount/Demount Rollers
  • Push-Button Controls
  • Memory Function
  • Diameter Control
  • Wheel Lift
  • Leverless Tool Head


Leverless Tool Head
Positions bead without levers, Prevents damage to tire and rim

Push-Button Controls
Simple, three-button control & Easiest operation in its class

Diameter Control
Operates all diameter functions from a single point & Retains diameter until reset

Wheel Support Plate
Handles wide range of wheels, Provides extra gripping force & Three adjustable work heights

Quick Clamp with Cam Plate
Safely secures wheel through hub & Speeds clamping process

Electric Motor
Exerts over 850 foot-pounds of torque & Variable speed

Mount/Demount Rollers
Gently rolls bead from rim & No rim contact

Bead Press Arm
Helps mount difficult tires & Holds sidewalls into drop-center position

Blast Inflator
Directs bursts of air to help seat bead


Basic Tire Changer Attributes
Power Requirements
208-230V, 15A, 60Hz, 1 ph NEMA 20 amp plug, L6-20P
Shipping Weight
1,039 lbs (471 kg)
Air Supply Requirements
115-175 psi (8-12 bar)
Shipping Weight with Wheel Lift
1,128 lbs (511 kg)
Width (W)
43 in. (1,092 mm)
Height (H)
72 in. (1,829 mm)
Depth (D)
60 in. (1,524 mm) 78 in. (1,981 mm) with wheel lift


TCA34 Tire Changer

Auto34S Quick Operation


Auto34 Brochure (French)

Simple Operation and Unmatched Capability

TCA Series Tire Changers Spec Sheet

TCA Series Specifications Sheet

Auto34 Brochure (Spanish)

Simple Operation and Unmatched Capability

Auto34 Testimonials

Customer Testimonials Pouring In

Tire Changer Accessories Brochure

Tire Changer Accessories Brochure


Auto34 Tire Changer

The Auto34 tire changer easily and safely changes the toughest, performance tires and wheels. The leverless, Auto34, takes the strain out of mounting and demounting difficult wheel and tire assemblies.


PTEN Innovation Award 2009

Frost & Sullivan Innovation Award 2011

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