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Center Clamp Tire Changers

Hunter's line of center-clamp tire changers provide optimal wheel protection and clamping ease. The TC and TCA series center clamp tire changers feature a simple clamping technique to secure the wheel through the hub so wheel protection is optimized. Learn more about each of member of the center tire clamp family below.


Wheel Support Plate
Handles wide range of wheels, Provides extra gripping force & Three adjustable work heights

Quick Clamp with Cam Plate
Safely secures wheel through hub & Speeds clamping process

Mount/Demount Rollers
Gently rolls bead from rim & No rim contact

Bead Press Arm - TC
Specialized assistance for high-performance tires, Moves with the wheel to hold the tire in drop-center position & Locks into place when not in use

Blast Inflation
Directs bursts of compressed air to easily seat the bead

Tilted Ergonomic Design - TC3300
Eases levering and reduces back stress & Unobstructed access to the lower bead for lubricating

Floating 3-Point Arm
Faster than swing-arm designs & Follows rim for ultimate protection

Convenient Storage - TC3300
Store tools and accessories within arm's reach

Motor and Drive - TC3300
Powerful 200V motor, 15 rpm clockwise speed, 15 rpm counterclockwise speed & 800 ft-lbs. of torque

PowerOut Bead Loosener - TC3300
Ergonomic control handle makes large assembly service easy & Familiar side shovel design with standard protector sleeve

Center Clamp - TC3300
Cam action multiples clamping force & No need for flange plates on reverse wheels

Plus Device - Optional
Great assist tool for a broad range of tires from passenger cars to medium-duty trucks & Aids in lubricating, lifting and guiding the tire into the drop-center & Adjustable roller angle

Push-Button Controls
Simple, three-button control & Easiest operation in its class

Memory Function
Returns mount head to rim height & Saves time and mistakes

Diameter Control
Operate all diameter functions from a single point & Retains diameter until reset

Wheel Lift
Space-saving design & Easily and safely lift large assemblies

Leverless Tool Head
Positions bead without levers & Prevents damage to tire and rim



TC3700 Quick Operation

TC3300 Tire Changer

Auto34S Quick Operation

Auto34S Tire Changer


Auto34S Brochure

Simple Operation and Unmatched Capability

Tire Changer Accessories Brochure

Tire Changer Accessories Brochure

Tire Changer Decision Guide Brochure

Choosing the right model for your shop

TC3700 Family Tire Changer Brochure

Easy-to-Use Center-Clamp Tire Changer


Center-Clamp Tire Changers

Hunter features four models of center clamp tire changers including the TC3300, TC3700, TC3900 and Auto 34S tire clamp systems. All four car tire changer products feature a simple clamping techniques and multiplied clamping force.


PTEN Innovation Award 2008

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