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Table Top Tire Changers

Hunter's line of table-top tire changer products feature a fast and familiar conventional table-top clamping style with PowerOut side shovels. Hunter table top tire changing machines provide 20% more torque than popular air or electric models, and are 15% faster than alternatives. The bead press system available on all car tire changer models provides tremendous power and control, simplifying mounting and demounting processes. Learn more about TXC Series Table Top Tire Changer products below.



Swing-Arm Column
Saves space over tilt-column designs & Locks rim diameter and width measurements for same-sized wheels

PowerOut™ Bead Loosener
Fingertip control eases service of large assemblies

Motor and Drive - TCX57/56
Powerfull 220V high-torque motor & Two-speed forward drive

Wheel Lift Option - TCX
Eases servicing of large assemblies

Tabletop Clamp
6-30 in. clamping range, Measurement marks ease clamping & Twin-cylinder actuators exert more clamping force than single-cylinder designs

Locking Lower Arm
Helps demount heavy and difficult tires & Assists match-mounting

Leverless Tool Head
Lifts bead without use of levers, Relieves bead stress & Traditional head option

Heaviest model in its class & Long service life

Class-Leading Rigidity
Rigid chassis reduces damage risk and operator effort

Easy-to-Use Adjustable Tabletop
10- to 26-in. clamping range, All jaws adjust simultaneously for mistake-free clamping & Hi-grip jaws covers add mounting torque and protect wheels

Conventional Configuration
Polymer head for mounting/demounting & Steel head with polymer insert for wheel protection

Leverless Configuration
Locks diameter at any position, hand-screw adjustments optional, Tapered design works with raised-spoke rims & Lifts bead without use of levers.

More Torque
Unique 110V or 220V motor generates more torque than popular air or electric models

More Speed
Faster than popular alternatives - increases productivity

Bead Press System - TCX
Tremendous power/control, Aids mounting/demounting & Auto-centering simplifies operation

Optional Storage Shelf
Convenient storage for your most used tools and accessories

Bead Press Arm - TCX
Eases clamping, demounting and mounting difficult combinations & Large diameter cylinder is most powerful in its class

Optional Bead Press Arm
Aids mounting, demounting and clamping & Hook lifts heavy tires

Optional Bead Press System
Tremendous power and control & Aids mounting/demounting

RP11-54PT230 Bead Press System
Right side mount, mount head roller and press head, and lifting disc.

RP11-54BPS30 Bead Press System
Left side mount, two disc style mounting rollers with cam, lifting disc

Standard Equipment
Inflation hose and gauge, tyre lever with protection, jaw protectors, spare mount head protectors, double-acting shovel cylinder, and side shovel protection.

RP11-52PT230 Bead Press System
Right side mount, mount head roller and press head, lifting disc

RP11-8-11120032 Bead Press Arm
Left side mount, single press head


Tire Changer Accessories Brochure

Tire Changer Accessories Brochure

Tire Changer Decision Guide Brochure

Choosing the right model for your shop


Table Top Tire Changers

The TCX50, TCX51 and TCX53 offer a variety of options on a robust tire changer body. The TCX56 and TCX57 feature a large chassis with two motor speeds and tremendous power alternative table top tire changer products fall short of matching.

Choose the right table top tire changer for your shop by browsing our decision guide.


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