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Advanced Equipment Operation

This hand's on training day is designed to use video and practical demonstration to aid all installers and occasional users of the wheel, tire and balancing equipment become more confident in using the equipment available to them in their present shop environment.

Students at the end of the day will be able to assess the type of wheel and tire product they are working with and select the proper means of removing and installing a tire without damaging the tire, wheel or TPMS switch in the process. They will also learn the fundamentals of installing the wheel assembly on a wheel balancer correctly, and perform a series of tests to ensure the balancer is calibrated, the wheel assembly passes a "Centering Check", and the correct type of balance weights are installed in the proper positions to provide a properly balanced wheel assembly and help alleviate vibration complaint comebacks.

Target Audience:

  •  Front Counter Parts & Service / Maintenance Technicians / Apprentices
  • Independent repair facilities
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer Dealership network
  • Mass merchandisers automotive parts/service personnel


$260.00 per student (subject to location).

*Note: Price does not include tax.

Course Length

8 hours unless specified otherwise.