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Advanced Alignment Level III Course Description

This course is designed for an “experienced” alignment technician. Instruction covers in-depth equipment operation including advanced diagnostic procedures, steering and suspension system related problems, specialized OEM adjustment schemes and other alignment related diagnostic procedures. Course consists of a combination of classroom lectures and hands-on shop training.


By the end of the course, the participant will be able to:

  • Describe in-depth principles of camber, caster, toe and thrust angle.
  • Describe in-depth principles of S.A.I / Included Angle, Setback, Turning Angle and Maximum Steer Angle.
  • Identify potential alignment related problems from equipment printouts.
  • Perform advanced diagnostic procedures and formulate solutions using Hunter alignment equipment.
  • Describe how torque steer, memory steer and bump steer may affect vehicle handling.
  • Describe the influence of “ride control” and four-wheel steering systems on alignment procedures.
  • Describe steering and suspension system related problems.
  • Review specialized OEM adjustment procedures.


At least one year of “hands on” alignment experience using Hunter equipment and the successful completion of the Hunter Alignment Fundamentals (Level I) or Intermediate Alignment (Level II) courses.


Experienced Alignment Service Associates


$425.00 per student

Note-This course may be taken in combination with Intermediate Alignment-Level II course for $715.00. ($110.00 savings).


Two-days (16 hours), unless otherwise specified