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Performance Tire Service Course

This course is designed to provide information and train advanced tire changing procedures. Proper identification and service of “run-flat/self-supporting” tire systems combined with low tire pressure sensors, low profile tire mounting and demounting and difficult OEM/custom wheel combinations are covered in detail. Hands-on operation is a major portion of this course.


By the end of the course, the participant will be able to:

  • Identify the following tire and wheel components and describe how it affects difficulty level of changing the tire
      - Drop center depth and location
      - Safety hump height and design
      - Rim edge design
      - Width of wheel
      - Tire sidewall profile and thickness
      - Overall tire diameter
  • Identify TPMS sensor design and location on wheel
  • Demonstrate the correct attachment techniques for internal and external clamping of the wheel to a table top tire changer
  • Explain and demonstrate the additional precautions and procedures when clamping a plastic-clad wheel
  • Explain and demonstrate the proper procedures for loosening the bead using a side shovel
  • Explain and demonstrate the proper procedures for loosening the bead using bead rollers
  • Demonstrate the ability to change a tire, without damaging tire or wheel, on these combinations: easy tire/easy wheel, easy tire/tough wheel, tough tire/easy wheel, tough tire/tough wheel


None. Previous automotive experience preferred.


Vehicle Service Associates


$225 per student


One-days (8 hours), unless otherwise specified