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QuickMatch® Wheel Balancer

QuickMatch Wheel Balancer
QuickMatch Wheel Balancer
QuickMatch Wheel Balancer


Ensures proper centering & Eliminates setup errors

Improve balance, Minimizes weight usage & Maximizes productivity

Bottom-Dead-Center Laser
Speeds tape-weight placement & Improves accuracy

Printer Option
Prints service record & Explain results to customers

Runout Measurement
Roller detects high spot of tire & Entire contact patch is measured, ensuring accurate results

HammerHead® Option
Speeds clip-weight placement & Improves balance

View reset procedures, Updateable database & Produce hard copy pages with optional printer

Wheel Lift Option
Easily lift wheel assemblies up to 175 lbs. & Aids proper mounting


SmartWeight Wheel Balancing

Why Does My Car Shake?

Why Does My Car Still Shake?

SmartWeight Quick Balance

Centering Check


QuickMatch® Brochure

High-Capacity Balancer with Vibration Diagnostics

QuickMatch® Spec Sheet

QuickMatch® Specifications Sheet

Wheel Balancer Accessories Brochure

Wheel Balancer Accessories



Hunter's SmartWeight software provides a much more intelligent balance for today's diverse tire and wheel assemblies.


Motor Magazine Top 20 Tools 2005

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