Hunter Quick Check® Commercial

Quick Check® Commercial

Instant, unmanned inspection for heavy-duty dealers, repair shops and fleets


Fleet Operators

Take control of your fleet

Return on Investment

Invest in your fleet's longevity

Over the course of 5 million miles, a fleet with properly aligned wheels will save approximately $60,000 in fuel and 18 million miles of tire life.

Service Businesses

Scan every vehicle, uncover every opportunity

Return on Investment

Speed up your equipment ROI

Scanning every axle and tire coming into your shop allows your alignment equipment and techs to keep profitability.



Scan every vehicle, uncover every opportunity

Inspect alignment angles and tire health on any vehicle.

See actionable results automatically displayed.

Fuel and Tire

Use less fuel. Replace less tires. Increase safety. 

Misalignment wastes fuel and causes tires to wear out faster.

Correcting alignment issues can increase fuel efficiency 2% and extend tire life by 20%.

hunter quick check commercial fuel and tire benefits

HunterNet® 2 Connectivity

Track your data in real time

Track your fleet data and gain real insight into the status of all your veicles.

Set goals, ensure accountability, and boost productivity.


Unmanned, immediate truck measurements

Edge-to-edge tire scanning reveals actual tire health.

Optical and laser sensors scan camber, total toe and scrub by taking 16 measurements per tire. 

hunter quick check commercial truck inspection system

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