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choosing the best
Lift Rack

choosing the alignment lift for Your Shop

Choosing the best alignment lift for your shop is an important decision, and Hunter Engineering’s experts are here to help answer all your questions and provide even more alignment lift buying tips. Contact us today to learn more about how we can offer the best alignment lift on the marketplace today and schedule a free demonstration!

Things to consider

What is the Wheelbase and weight capacity of the Alignment Lift?

These two factors are often considered the two most critical decisions in selecting an alignment lift. However, drive-on height should be considered the third. Newer sedans can have ground clearance concerns similar to sports cars. Damaging a spoiler or rocker panel will tarnish your shop’s reputation and decrease the profit of many jobs to come.

Does the Manufacturer Understand Instrumentation?

Does the brand you are considering also manufacture alignment instrumentation? The wheel alignment lift is a critical component of the alignment system. Don't entrust your work quality to a company that doesn't understand the entire process.

What is the Alignment Lift’s Mass?

The most durable and strongest alignment lifts are generally the most heavily built. Wherever possible, look at a lift in service if you can. Your local representative or distributor should be able to direct you to an in-service lift in your area. If they can't, is that a brand you want to consider?

How heavy is the alignment lift?

Don’t substitute evaluating shipping weight specs for actually seeing a product first hand. Shipping weights are often misrepresented for automotive lifts.

What Technology does the Automotive Lift Use?

Wheel alignment lifts often do much more than just go up and down. Many include features that drive productivity in the service center by saving time, effort and increasing accuracy.

What Type of Jacks is the Automotive Lift Equipped With?

All wheel alignment lifts should be equipped with two wheels-free jacks as wheels’ free operations are often necessary. Make sure the jack capacities match or slightly exceed the capacity of the lift.

How Durable is the Jack?

Look at your jack choices very carefully. Reach, max lifting height, safety and durability are critical measures. Direct acting air style jacks are generally more durable than air to hydraulic style jacks.

What is the Reputation of the Automotive Lift Manufacturer?

Lifts are still 'old style' products made by traditional manufacturers in many ways. Great lift companies have developed reputations over many years. In most cases these reputations are well deserved and should be respected.

Does the Lift have ALI Certification?

No lift purchase should even be considered that isn't ALI listed for both electrical and mechanical certifications. Lifts are safety devices and should be viewed as such.

Does the Lift Manufacturer Offer Service & Support?

All products break or need adjustment over a lifetime of use, even lifts. Be sure to purchase from a manufacturer with a solid service organization.

What will be the Footprint of the Lift in Your Shop?

The alignment lift you select will often be dictated by the space available. Generally, you get more lifting capacity for your dollar with a 4-post style, but at the cost of space. Scissor lifts are very space efficient but cost a little more. Flush mounting can reduce the footprint further.
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