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Hunter Revolution™ Tire Changer

Fully-automatic changes everything


Walkaway time savings

possible for 4 tire set


minute service time

typical for ALL tire and wheel types


Fewer Decisions

Manual tire changers demand constant decision making

Specially prepared for


Hunter Revolution™



Key Features At Work

See how the Revolution Tire Changer Can Benefit Your Performance

Industry Awarded Excellence

Revolution Tire Changer Awards

4,700+ Revolution™ Tire Changers in Operation Globally

Units in operation globally graphic

Units in Operation in the U.S. and Canada Across Market Sectors

Key Features At-A-Glance

Revolution Tire Changer Provides Many Features To Streamline Operations

Space Saving Wheel Lift
  • Spindle lifts tire directly into position
  • Built-in wheel lift reduces overall footprint

“Go” Pedal Controls Operation
  • Press “Go” to make selection
  • Hold “Go” to advance procedure

Automatic Adds Simplicity
  • Same procedure for all tires and wheels
  • Operator experience no longer a factor

Leverless Tool Head
  • Demounts without levers
  • Prevents damage to tire and rim

WalkAway™ Operation
  • 80-second unattended bead breaking and demounting process
  • When paired with wheel balancing, 25%+ time savings is possible
  • 57% less time spent changing a tire using WalkAway™

Powered Press Arm
  • Mount virtually any tire
  • Powered for maximum control

Animations & Videos
  • Animations train operator “on the job”
  • Video training for new users
  • Video library of special procedures

Plus semi-autonomous...

WalkAway™ mode frees the operator to perform other tasks

When paired with wheel balancing, a four tire changeover time can be cut by 25% or more!

Step 1

Mount & Clamp



Step 2


WalkAway™ function


Step 3


WalkAway™ function


Step 4




WalkAway™ mode adds capacity



The Connected Shop Solution

Measure your shop performance real-time with live equipment results



Review tire changer operations from anywhere


  1. Date and Time Stamp
  2. Wheel Data
  3. Tire Pressure
  4. Procedure Used
  5. Vehicle Information
  6. Before and After Photos
  7. Technician Notes



Your Hunter equipment

See a detailed list of your Hunter equipment, including age.

News & updates

Get the latest news on Hunter products and services.

Tap into local support

Connect with your local Hunter team for questions and support.

See your revenue

Track your alignment and tire revenue and potential revenue if all needed services were sold.

Track your performance

Set goals and see how your business performs day-to-day.



Changing and balancing a set of 4 tires can now be accomplished in record time.

Pairing a Revolution™ and Road Force® Elite provides the best results in the least time.



Social Benefits

User friendly machine allows all technicians to service tires, regardless of skill level

Reduce Injury

Leading hands-free operation reduces likelihood of injury.

Increased Proficiency 

On-demand training videos enable operators to quickly become familiar with the equipment

Certified safety

Certified to UL201 standard for garage equipment

Tech position

Operator stands back and lets the machine do the work


No levers to hit operator

Automatic press arms replace using levers for mounting

Power & clamping

Operator’s hands stay away from the assembly

No pinch points

No risk of rim slipping

Wheel lift

Protects operator’s back

No need to lift heavy assemblies


Monitors TPMS location constantly

Won’t allow tire to be mounted or demounted in unsafe TPMS location


Inflation station algorithm fills to set pressure automatically - not necessary to stand on foot pedal to inflate

Inflation controls keep operator away from assembly

Tire & wheel

Automatic procedure protects rim and tire


Camera records process

Protects your investment

Verify proper work

Revolution Tire Changer

Eliminates technician experience gap

All techs are experts

Everyone on your tire changing team can be equally productive with simple, automatic operation.


On conventional tire machines, equipment is the tool and the technician is the tire changer.


The Revolution™ is the tire changer and the technician is an equipment operator.




Makes all tires equal

Economic Benefits

  • Wheel, tire and TPMS protection reduces likelihood of costly damages to assemblies*
  • Time to change tires consistent and 15% faster than typical conventional tire changer

OEM Fitments (2011 - 2014)

Environmental Benefits

Reduces likelihood of damaging a tire

  • Tires could be saved from disposal annually across network
  • Saves 7 gallons of crude oil per passenger tire**
    to generate replacements



Committed to Sustainability

Hunter’s commitment to sustainability is demonstrated through quality assurance, recycling programs, helping customers make informed, environmentally-friendly decisions, and continuously enhancing green initiatives for a healthier and cleaner world.

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