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Hunter University’s eLearning courses are designed for all student levels and can be used as an integral supplement to instructor-led training courses. In-depth information, detailed graphics, video and modular segments assist the participant in expanding their knowledge base at a self-determined level.

Intro to Alignment

This course will introduce you to automotive wheel alignment. You will learn the importance of camber, caster and toe angles as they relate to directional stability, tire wear and steering wheel position.

Rolling Smooth

Welcome to Hunter University's Rolling Smooth eLearning course!

This course will cover the following topics:

  • Fundamentals of vibration theory.
  • Systematic diagnosis of vibration problems relating to tire and wheel assembly.
  • Proper balancing techniques.
  • Solutions to vibration problems found in tire and wheel, not caused by imbalance.

HD Alignment

This course will introduce you to truck and trailer wheel alignment. You will learn the importance of primary alignment angles, different alignment procedures, suspension systems, its components and its adjustment procedures. 

ADAS Overview

This course is intended to expose the learner to the basics of ADAS technology within the automotive industry.

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