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Alignment and ADAS

Productive, profitable alignments and ADAS calibrations

ADAS Solutions

Take control of the growing ADAS calibration market with Hunter's simple and integrated equipment.

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Perform static and dynamic ADAS calibrations in your own shop.


Access ADAS and full diagnostic scan tool capabilities with ease and precision.

DAS 3000

The DAS 3000 static calibration target fixture is mobile and versatile to accomodate your shop's workspace.

HawkEye Elite® Wheel Alignment

Hunter's HawkEye Elite® wheel alignment with WinAlign® software is the most accurate, easy-to-use system in the industry.

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Productivity leads to profitability. Hunter Fully Integrated Alignment reduces trips around the vehicle and to the alignment machine saving your shop time and money.

3D measurements

Hassle-free, protective clamp-on 3D targets and a dedicated camera for each wheel provide the most accurate and efficient measurements.

WinAlign® software

Award-winning WinAlign® software with extensive vehicle database makes alignments easy.


Wheel, Tire, and Brake Service

Wheel and brake service equipment designed with the technician in mind

Revolution™ WalkAway™ Tire Changer

The Revolution™ tire changer provides a consistent service time for all wheel types and fewer operator decisions. WalkAway™ mode allows the tech to perform other tasks.

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Semi-autonomous WalkAway™ mode frees the operator to perform other tasks. When paired with wheel balancing, a four tire changeover time can be cut by 25% or more.


Automatic functions provide safety for the technician as well as preventing wheel and rim damage.


Autonomous and walkthrough features eliminate technician experience gaps and makes all operators and tires equal.

Road Force® Elite Wheel Balancer

Hunter's decades of innovation allows quick diagnosis of vibration issues that traditional balancers can't identify.

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Hunter's Road Force® Elite is the fastest diagnostic wheel balancer on the market and performs both a traditional balance and Road Force Measurement® faster than a conventional balance.

Vision system

Hunter's patented vision technology provides automatic wheel measurments and optimal weight placement.

Automatic CenteringCheck®

Accurately centered wheels lead to a proper balance. Automatic CenteringCheck® eliminates setup errors to ensure an accurate balance.


Eliminate customer comebacks by fixing vibration issues the first time.

AutoComp Elite® Brake Lathe

Hunter's AutoComp Elite® features increased speed and precision to get the most efficient brake cut possible.

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Get the fastest, highest quality brake job possible with exclusive Automatic Compensation, Anti-Chatter Technology and maximum versatility.

Anti-Chatter Technology

Variable spindle speed keeps chatter-inducing vibration from starting providing a smooth finish.

Tablet interface

Touchscreen controls give clear intication of the current process and allow technicians to identify necessary adaptors on screen.



Equip your shop with the most trusted and productive undercar service solutions.



Vehicle Inspection

Check every vehicle, see every opportunity

Quick Check® Unmanned Inspection

Get alignment and tire health results on every vehicle entering your shop to sell the most profitable service opportunities.

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Streamline your intake process with unmanned vehicle inspection checking every vehicle that enters your shop.


Provide complete customer transparency with Flightboard™ results display.

Prevent losses

Automatic body image capture avoids false damage claims by capturing 40+ images of every vehicle.



Take control of your equipment, your numbers, and your profitability

HunterNet® 2 Portal

Drive your shop forward with HunterNet® 2 real-time data

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Hunter’s connected equipment gets work done in the back of your shop and provides valuable data and tools in the front of your shop. 

Your investment

Track your return on investment and order equipment consumables online.

Your results

See your up-to-date profits and potential directly from the results of your connected equipment.

Push Reports

Receive daily performance reports to keep your business goals on track.



Invest in the equipment and the team that stands behind it.


Send a message to your local Hunter business consultant to receive a free pricing quote or product demo.


This contact form is intended for legitimate Hunter equipment and service inquiries.  All other use is prohibited and will be discarded. See Full Terms of Use




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