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Optimized for speed and efficiency


ProAlign® Alignment

Alignment System

ProAlign® Alignment Systems

Optimized for speed and efficiency

Hunter offers alignment systems with simple operation and low cost of ownership. The  ProAlign® alignment machines offer quick and efficient alignment readings through powerful software and imaging technology.

  • High-resolution cameras
  • QuickGrip® adaptors
  • Fast alignment readings
  • HawkEye® digital imaging technology

Alignment measurements in minutes

1. Select a vehicle

  • Recall specifications

2. Measure angles

  • Install targets
  • Capture measurements
  • Review "before" results

3. Make adjustments

  • Follow the adjustment instructions
  • Print before-and-after results

4. Present results

  • Sell more alignments
  • Generate greater profits






Setup in seconds

Speed setup time with Hunter's patented QuickGrip® adaptors and high-definition targets

Fast installation

Spring-loaded clamping arms install easily — off-center placement has no affect on accuracy.


Avoid rim damage

Clamps hook tyres and protective ring provides no metal-to-metal contact.


Efficient design

Lightweight, durable and low-profile form make QuickGrip® adaptors a technician-favorite.

hunter quickgrip adaptor and high definition target

Fast installation

  • Spring-loaded arms grip the tyre
  • Thumb switch secures the clamp
  • Off-center clamping has no effect on accuracy

Prevent wheel damage

  • Grips tyre, not rim
  • No metal-to-metal contact
  • Only protective ring contacts rim

Lightweight design

  • Weighs only 3.3 kg (7.4 lbs.)
  • Nearly 40% lighter than previous designs


Compensate all wheels and capture initial measurements in one motion.

Quick-change hooks

  • Interchangeable hooks cover up to 940 mm (37 in.) assemblies
  • One set of hooks fits most applications

Deep wheel extension

  • Deep rims or protruding hubs, no problem
  • Standard accessory





  • احصل على عرض أسعار أو عرض توضيحي في موقع عملك مجانًا
  • معلومات عامة وأسئلة


استمارة الاتصال هذه مُخصصة للاستفسارات القانونية عن خدمات ومعدات شركة Hunter.  أي استخدام آخر محظور وسيتم حذفه. انظر شروط الاستخدام الكاملة






Powerful software

Reduce alignment times and increase productivity

WinToe® adjustments

Ensure a straight steering wheel every time without repeated adjustments or using a steering wheel holder.

Control Arm Movement Monitor

Cut adjustment times in half for front-shim, dual-cam or dual-slot vehicles. Step-by-step graphics let you get it right on the first try.

Shim-Select® II

Eliminate confusing shim charts and tables. Shim-Select® II quickly calculates and displays the template you need for proper shim installation.

Easy-to-follow illustrations

Over 500 adjustment illustrations provide diagrams and instructional information of recommended Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) adjustment methods.











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