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Heavy lifting, high production alignment racks


Hunter Four-Post Lifts

hunter four-post lift with sprinter vehicle
hunter four-post lift with sprinter vehicle
Alignment Rack

Four-Post Lifts

Heavy lifting, high production alignment racks

Hunter offers a four-post model for nearly every need.  Easy to use open-front models make alignment easy.   The widest runways and two wheelbase lengths make easy work of even medium-sized commercial vehicles.  Add Inflation Station, PowerSlide, and Alignlight options to really ramp up productivity.   

New Harsh Duty options available to for high road salt/brine use applications.

Features at-a-glance

  • Open-front or closed-front configurations
  • Stainless steel turnplates standard
  • Built-in slip plates standard
  • Two moveable worksteps standard

Specifications at-a-glance

  • 8164 kg
  • 2 x 4083 kg
    Capacity jacks
  • 660 mm
    Wide runways
  • 4496 mm or 5360 mm
    2-Wheel alignment capable



Product family at-a-glance


  • Open Front - No Beam
  • 4496 mm 2-wheel alignment wheelbase
  • Powerslide and Inflation Station capable


  • Open Front - No Beam
  • 5360 mm 2-wheel alignment wheelbase
  • Powerslide and Inflation Station capable


  • Closed Front Beam
  • 4496 mm 2-wheel alignment wheelbase
  • Powerslide and Inflation Station capable


  • Closed Front Beam
  • 5360 mm 2-wheel alignment wheelbase
  • Powerslide and Inflation Station capable



See them in action



Upgrade your vehicle service capabilities.


Open-front workspace

Easy access to service points and jacks. Standard on L451 models

Capable runways

Extra-wide runways can service vehicles up to 2337 mm. Two lengths are available to accomodate 4496 mm or 5360 mm wheelbases.


Heavy-weight 8164 kg lifting capacity is best-in-class.

Swing air jacks

Two 4083 kg capacity swing-air jacks come standard for unmatched height, reach and durability.

Integrated controls

Convenient console featuring push-button functions give technicians full-control.



Built-in slipplates

2235 mm to 4013 mm for 4-wheel alignments

Stainless steel turnplates

Standard, for a lifetime of easy and accurate alignments. PowerSlide™ turnplates offer ease-of-use.

Airline access

Air supplied to jacks and auxiliary ports come standard.

Two movable worksteps

Sturdy, lightweight and lock into multiple convenient locations

Optional AlignLights

See where you work. Lights shut off automatically when rack is lowered and turn on when raised.



Cables & locks

High-strength galvanized cables and 16-position louvered level locks provide long, reliable life.

Louvered approach ramps

High-traction design prevents wheel spin – better than diamond plate or abrasive finish.

Tough umbilical covering

Protective cord covering prevents damage to air and hydraulic lines.

Built & installed locally

Designed & built in the USA, and installed locally by Hunter's highly-qualified service team.



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    Inflation Station



    Optional Harsh Duty

    Racks with Hunter's Harsh Duty feature enhanced corrosion protection for those regions with high road salt and brine solution usage.

    harsh duty four post lift rack
    Zinc-rich primer

    Zinc-rich primed, powdercoated and caulked runways and ramps

    Stainless Steel Slipplate

    Corrosion-resistant stainless steel slipplate tops.

    Stainless Steel Turnplates

    Corrosion-resistant stainless steel complete turnplates

    Epoxy-Sealed Joints

    Epoxy-sealed joints and seams prevent salt seepage between adjoining pieces of metal



    • احصل على عرض أسعار أو عرض توضيحي في موقع عملك مجانًا
    • معلومات عامة وأسئلة


    استمارة الاتصال هذه مُخصصة للاستفسارات القانونية عن خدمات ومعدات شركة Hunter.  أي استخدام آخر محظور وسيتم حذفه. انظر شروط الاستخدام الكاملة









    See other shops using them

    service reps and customer smiling and standing by alignment system
    service rep under four post lift installing
    service reps cementing four post lift to floor
    service reps using cement to mount four post lift
    service rep explaining four post lift functions at install

    Make a statment in your shop with the four strongest posts in undercar service.





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