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Walk-around convenience plus high capacity


Hunter Alignment Pit Racks

Alignment Rack

Alignment Pit Racks

Walk-around convenience plus high capacity

Hunter’s pit racks are 8164 kg. capacity and provide feature two 4082 kg. capacity swing jack.  4-wheel alignment wheelbases up to 4013 mm. can be serviced.  2-wheel alignment wheelbases are limited only by the space behind the rack as rear axles can rest on approach concrete.

A deep center allows easy access underneath of vehicles, while a walk-around shallow pit provides easy use of alignment instrumentation.

Features at-a-glance

  • Wide runways ease service of large vehicles
  • Stainless steel turnplates standard
  • Built-in slipplates standard
  • 36" (std), 30", or 24" depths available

Specifications at-a-glance

  • 8164 kg.
  • 2 x 4082 kg.
    Capacity jacks
  • 660 mm.
    Wide runways
  • 5664 or 6489 mm.
    Runway lengths available



Product family at-a-glance


  • 8164 kg. capacity
  • 660 mm. wide runways
  • 5664 mm. deck length


  • 8164 kg. capacity
  • 660 mm. wide runways
  • 6489 mm. deck length




Walk-around pit

saves time spent raising and lowering lift

Wide vehicle coverage

8164 kg. capacity, 660 mm. wide runways, and up to 6489 mm. deck lengths, plus concrete allows the longest vehicles to be serviced.

Built-in slip plates

2235 mm. to 4013 mm. for 4-wheel alignments

Optional Powerslide

One touch locking and unlocking of turnplates and slipplates.



Swing Jack Equipped

Two 4082 kg. capacity swing-air jacks are standard

Air Line Kit

Air supply to jacks and auxiliary ports standard

Stainless Steel Turnplates

For a lifetime of easy and accurate alignments

Optional inflation station

Inflate all four tires to specification, at the same time.













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