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Same industry leading design, now with new optional features


Hunter BL Series Bench Lathe

Brake Lathe

BL Series Bench Lathe

Industry leading combination bench lathe

The BL Series Bench Lathe is a combination bench lathe that brings speed, precision and versatility to your brake service. The unique design of this combination lathe allows the operator to change the setup of the brake lathe from rotors to drums and vice versa with unprecedented speed and ease. Building on the same industry leading design of our previous bench lathe, the new BL Series Bench Lathe now has optional new features!

Features at-a-glance

  • New Anti-Chatter Technology option
  • New Digi-Cal option
  • Adjustable spindle speed
  • Adjustable feed rate

Specifications at-a-glance

  • 152 - 558 mm
    Rotor diameter
  • 152 - 609 mm
    Drum Diameter
  • 1.5 hp
    Motor power (optional)
  • 90 kg
    Maximum arbor weight





Cut down your time to service rotors

Provide a smooth, precise brake finish directly on the vehicle. Hunter's AutoComp Elite® on-car brake lathe is a cut above the rest.

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Work in a more efficient space with easy access to tools & adaptors

hunter bl series brake lathe with bench
Pegboard hangers

Store frequently-used adaptors within easy reach.

Document holder

Store operation manual, application charts and other reference materials.

Storage drawer

Allow expansion of tool and accessory storage. Easily bolts in place.

Large chip collection funnel

Prevent debris from falling to the floor.

Dust containment system

Protect air quality with the ability to view the work piece during machining.

Twin work lamps

Adjustable LED lights illuminate both side of workpiece

Anti-Chatter Control

Variable spindle speed keeps chatter-inducing vibration from starting, making a smooth finish.

DigiCal measurement

Instantly measure drum or rotor dimensions and depth of cut.

Tablet Interface

On-screen messages, animations, videos and Bit Minder increase efficiency.




Tablet interface

  • On-screen messages and animation make technicians more efficient
  • Bit Minder tracks bit usage
  • Training videos, multiple languages and more



Adjustable feed rate

Dial in adjustable feed rate for faster, rapid removal to a slower, final surface finish. Allows technicians to cut rotors in one pass.

Push-Button Speed Control

Optional Digi-Cal uses pushbutton speed control to instantly measure and display dimensions for quick calibration and greater accuracy

Calibration in seconds

The calibration procedure for drums and rotors takes seconds, helping to prevent accidental removal of excess material

Measure rotor thickness

Optional DigiCal determines if the piece should be discarded prior to cutting.



Push button controls

Quickly change spindle speeds with the push of a button

Switch from rotors to drums

Changing from rotors to drums takes seconds and is the fastest in the industry, greatly reducing setup time

Choice of lathe tooling

Faster-cutting and reduced-chatter positive rake standard (3 cutting tips). Durable, longer-life negative rake (optionl) tooling available (6 cutting tips)

Optional storage configurations

Store frequently-used adpators within easy reach with the optional heavy gauge, all-steel bench option with rear backboard

Optional self-aligning nut

Speeds setup & prevents overtightening and mounting errors



  • احصل على عرض أسعار أو عرض توضيحي في موقع عملك مجانًا
  • معلومات عامة وأسئلة


استمارة الاتصال هذه مُخصصة للاستفسارات القانونية عن خدمات ومعدات شركة Hunter.  أي استخدام آخر محظور وسيتم حذفه. انظر شروط الاستخدام الكاملة





* Some specifications may vary depending upon workpiece configurations or may require optional adaptors.  





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