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Safe and fast tyre changers for big tyres


Hunter Heavy-Duty Tyre Changers

operator using pedestal control unit on hunter tcx645HD tire machine
technician operating hunter TCX630HD
technician operating hunter TCX660HD
operator using pedestal control unit on hunter tcx645HD tire machine
technician operating hunter TCX630HD
technician operating hunter TCX660HD

Heavy-Duty Tyre Changers

Safe and fast tyre changers for big tyres

Whether your need is a fast and safe tyre changer for semi-truck tyres, or a tyre machine that will change skidder tyres, Hunter has a model to suit. Hunter's heavy-duty tyre changers support over-the-road truck tyres with none of the fatigue and safety risk of bars and hammers. The TCX heavy-duty tyre changer models can do all that, plus handle implement tyres up to 2,286 mm in diameter.

Features at-a-glance

  • Low risk
  • Roller demounting
  • Tulip-style clamp
  • Safe controls





TCX635 HD Tyre Changer

Plenty of power for truck tyres, combined with speed and ease of use. Learn how the TCX635 can increase your shop's productivity
Learn more about TCX635 HD



Product family at-a-glance


Truck tyres to skidders
  • 14 - 46 in. rim diameter
  • 100 mm min rim hole diameter
  • 2298 mm max diameter
  • 1066 mm max width
  • 1000 kg max weight
  • 4-8 rpm
technician operating hunter TCX630HD


Made for truck, bus and heavy industrial vehicle tyres
  • 14 - 26 in. rim diameter
  • 100 mm min rim hole diameter
  • 1600 mm max diameter
  • 779 mm max width
  • 1200 kg max weight
  • 4 rpm
technician operating hunter TCX660HD


2-speed clamp rotation motor
  • 14 - 56 in. rim diameter
  • 100 mm min rim hole diameter
  • 2600 mm max diameter
  • 1498 mm max width
  • 2500 kg max weight
  • 5.25-10.5 rpm



TCX645HD Features

Operator-friendly design

  • Mobile controller - Full access to controls when servicing the front or back of large assemblies.  (Wireless optional)
  • Low risk - Use powerful tools instead of bars and hammers.  No lifting of very heavy assemblies

Superior wheel accomodation

  • Versatile jaws - Clamp center holes as small as 3.94 in, or rims as large as 46"
  • Optional skidder clamp - Useful when servicing difficult skidder style double drop center wheels
  • Spring loaded hook / disc roller - Mount and demount the toughest tyres with minimal risk of rim damage

Convenient functions

  • Two speeds - Select high speed for bead loosening or easy assemblies.  Use low speed for the tough ones
  • Speed carriage quickly - Shuttle the carriage from front to rear of the rim
  • On-board storage - Keep standard and optional accessories organized

Pedestal control unit

Hand and foot controls actuate multiple operations for delicate bead breaking, mounting and demounting, minimizing the potential for tyre or rim damage.


Integrated tool storage

Integrated tool storage is conveniently located on the tyre changer base, increasing operating efficiency and helping prevent damage and loss.

Tulip-style clamp

Tulip system provides universal, self-centering, standard clamping capacity up to 1168 mm. Two-speed chuck rotation operates clockwise and counter-clockwise.

Mount & demount with ease

Tractor, implement and other specialty wheel assemblies are serviced using the same tools and techniques.



  • احصل على عرض أسعار أو عرض توضيحي في موقع عملك مجانًا
  • معلومات عامة وأسئلة


استمارة الاتصال هذه مُخصصة للاستفسارات القانونية عن خدمات ومعدات شركة Hunter.  أي استخدام آخر محظور وسيتم حذفه. انظر شروط الاستخدام الكاملة




TCX630HD Features

Portable controls

Incorporates all the operating controls and permits the
operator to choose the ideal working position

Bead breaking turning arm

Bead breaking and tyre mounting/demounting tools are incorporated into a single patented
turning arm

Self-centering clamping spindle

Hydraulic powered, two-way, all-wheel clamping spindle can clamp any rim from 355 mm to 660 mm either through the center hole or on the inside

Moving platform

Makes handling of the tyre simple and uncomplicated and reduces tool positioning requirements which decreases work time



TCX660HD Features

Large capacity

Largest capacity for trucks, tractors, and other heavy-duty equipment

Tulip-style clamp

Self-centering, tulip-style standard clamping capacity of 355-1422 mm.

Pedestal control

Safe and efficient operator-friendly mobile pedestal control unit

Easy mounting and demounting

Bead loosening and demounting can be as easy as rolling the tyre off of the rim in a single step.



Match-mounting is easy!

When combined with the ForceMatch® wheel balancer, Hunter's heavy-duty tyre machines provide match-mounting capability for achieving the smoothest possible ride.






Take the strain out of your heavy-duty wheel service today








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