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Codelink Bulletin for 2021-2023 Toyota Sienna and Venza

4/27/2023 -
For shop's with Hunter wheel alignment systems and the Codelink reset tool.

The current CodeLink procedure for the following Toyota Vehicle Models/Years is missing 2 key instructions that may result in Diagnostic Trouble Codes being set, Malfunction Indicator Lamps being lit, or Steering Angle Sensor Calibration Failures to complete:

• 2021-2023 Sienna
• 2021-2023 Venza

Please follow the updated instructions below to properly calibrate the Steering Angle Sensor on these models.

CodeLink Procedure Toyota Sienna and Venza.pdf

If a reset has been performed incorrectly, in most cases lights can be turned off and DTC’s cleared by following the revised procedure.

On-tool instructions will be corrected in WinAlign with the November 2023 Spec Release.