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Intuitive wheel balancers that offer upscale, premium features.


Hunter SmartWeight® Balancers

hunter smartweight pro wheel balancer
front and side view of smartweight pro balancer
hunter wheel balancer single knob controls interface
hunter smartweight pro wheel balancer
front and side view of smartweight pro balancer
hunter wheel balancer single knob controls interface
Wheel Balancer

SmartWeight® Wheel Balancers

Intuitive wheel balancers that offer upscale, premium features

Hunter's wheel balancers feature patented SmartWeight® technology built to improve balance, minimize weight usage and maximize productivity.

Features at-a-glance

  • SmartWeight® technology
  • CenteringCheck®
  • On-demand videos
  • Easy-to-use interface

Specifications at-a-glance

  • 20 in.
    Max Width
  • 30 in.
    Max Rim Diameter
  • Up to 38 in.
    Max Tire Diameter
  • 80 kg
    Maximum Tire Weight



Product family at-a-glance

hunter smartweight elite wheel balancer

SmartWeight® Elite

Hands-free wheel and runout measurement
  • Touchscreen interface
  • Automatic CenteringCheck®
  • Hands-free wheel measurement and profiling
  • Automatic rim runout and condition check
  • TruWeight® guided weight placement
  • eCal automatic calibration
  • HunterNet® connectivity

SmartWeight® Pro

Space-saving hood design
  • Single-knob navigation
  • CenteringCheck®
  • (Optional) Automatic wheel width entry
  • Dial in exact weight placement
  • HunterNet® connectivity
  • Space-saving design



Provide the "new car ride" for your customers

Diagnose and solve wheel viration issues that would otherwise cause a customer to come back upset. Hunter's Road Force® Elite wheel balancer is a technician-favorite.

Solve vibration problems in your shop






SmartWeight® Balancing Technology

Deliver the best balance for your customer and your shop

Save time & effort

Save labor by finding single-weight solutions as much as 60% of the time versus traditional two-weight solutions.

Stop chasing weights

Get superior balance results from a single quick spin.

Track labor & weight savings

Labor savings are shown in minutes and hours, as well as dollars, with every spin.

Reduce weight usage

Use 30% less weight, saving money on every balance. An average shop saves 7,130 ounces of weight per year with SmartWeight® technology.

Improve appearance

Use smaller, less visible weights placed on the inside of wheel when possible.

Accommodate many wheel types

  • Flanged or flangeless
  • Plastic clad
  • Colored rims
  • Wider widths
  • Run flats

Are you ready to save weights in your shop?



Efficient wheel balancing

ExactPosition™ weight placement system

Only on SmartWeight® Pro models


Easily indicate exact weight placement using laser vision system with simple dimension entry.

Outer laser vision system

Optional on SmartWeight® Pro models


Automatically measure wheel width as hood is lowered.

Elite vision system

Standard on SmartWeight® Elite and Road Force® Elite models


Diagnostic lasers replace dataset arms for an automatic and complete wheel scan that generates a true on-screen wheel model, hands-free wheel measurements, and optimal weight placement.


Learn more about the SmartWeight® Elite or Road Force Elite®.

Classic wheel measurement

Standard on SmartWeight® Hybrid models


Manual dataset arms measure wheel dimensions and runout as well as automatically determine clip-weight or tape-weight modes.





Easy-to-use interface controls

Single-knob controls

SmartWeight® Pro and SmartWeight® Hybrid models


Simplified navigation allows you to focus on the job at hand.

Touchscreen navigation

Standard on SmartWeight® Elite and Road Force® Elite models


Intuitive controls provide the most information and accessibility ever.


Learn more about the SmartWeight® Elite or Road Force Elite®.

On-board videos

Available on all Hunter balancers


Simplify training and find solutions to common questions with on-screen how-to videos.





Balancer connectivity

Hunter wheel balancers are HunterNet® capable, allowing you to maximize your shop's performance, simplify customer discussions, and view extensive undercar information.

Learn more about HunterNet®


Monitor trends

Get a high-level overview of your balancer usage trends.

Recall past results

View details on previously serviced wheels.

View usage details

See in-depth balancer usage statistics.

Daily reporting

Receive daily Push Reports to keep your goals on track.



Optional equipment


Available on all Hunter balancers


Optimize your balancing process by letting the machine assist with clamping.

Premium BullsEye® Collets

Provide comprehensive coverage for passenger-car and light-truck wheels. BullsEye® collets include 1-ton capacity and improved centering and wheel protection.

HammerHead top-dead-center laser

Improve weight placement accuracy and productivity while also illuminating your work area.

Wheel lift

Safely service heavy, oversized wheels as well as aiding wheel centering.

Printer storage shelf

Not available on SmartWeight® Pro or SmartWeight® Hybrid models


Print test results and sell TPMS work more effectively. Printer obtained locally.









See how other shops are using them

Don't weight to make a smart decision.

Contact your local Hunter representative today for a free demo.







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