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Gwinnet Wheel Repair on Hunter Road Force® Elite and Revolution™

"We are the shop that can solve their wheel vibration, and we don't have to send them elsewhere."


David Alago, Owner of Gwinnet Wheel Repair in Norcross, GA, talks about how Hunter's Road Force® Elite wheel balancer and Revolution™ tire changer solves vibration issues, prevents customer comebacks, and keeps his technicians happy.

Gwinnett Wheel Repair started just six years ago; we have flourished quickly since then and made a name for ourselves in the industry through our fleet of mobile repair vehicles and particularly through our shop location in Norcross, GA.

When we first opened, we were seeing mostly stock wheels, and we were using a typical tire changer. It wasn’t very long, and we began seeing a lot more aftermarket and specialty wheels, some that were 26” to 30” in diameter, we needed wheel service equipment that was up to the challenge.

Seeing the Road Force® Elite and the Revolution in action was great. We were able to see them service the very same assemblies we were struggling with. The machines basically sold themselves. With our old wheel service equipment, we had to send any specialty wheels out to be serviced, costing us money and customer satisfaction. Now we can service all wheels in-house.

A considerable part of our business is repairing curbed, bent, cracked or otherwise damaged wheels. So, it is extremely important to have equipment that can handle specialty wheels with no marring or damage to the rim.

Also, being able to offer the Road Force Measurement® is a major benefit. The Road Force® Elite has helped our business tremendously by allowing us to provide our customers the most accurate balance and the Road Force Measurement® that they request.

We know that the Road Force® Elite provides the best balance our customers could get anywhere. Now we are the shop that can solve their wheel vibration, and we don’t have to send them elsewhere. Using the Road Force® Elite to match-mount every assembly, solves even the worst wheel vibrations. The customers are perceptive to that, they know they are getting the best possible balance.

The technicians are a lot less aggravated with the Road Force® Elite and the Revolution, the stress level around this job has definitely disappeared. Our Hunter team has also been amazing. They go above and beyond to help us anytime we need them.

David Alago

Owner, Gwinnett Wheel Repair

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