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Hunter TCX635 Heavy-Duty Tyre Changer

Fastest Heavy-Duty Truck Tyre Changer


than other models


for tires and technicians


to operate controls

Hunter TCX635HD Tyre Changer



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TCX635 Tire Changer Image

Operator-friendly design

  • Low risk - No hammers, no bars, no lifting very heavy tires
  • Low service height - Easy to roll on and no fear of tire falling off during demounting
  • Optional ramps - Popular "plus" model includes ramps, and mounting bar

Superior wheel accomodation

  • Easy match mounting - Rotate tire on rim when needed for the smoothest ride
  • Specialty rim friendly - Standard hook can be used to mount and demount challenging tires and rims without fear of damage
  • Simple controls - Easy to use levers control all operations in a convenient and safe operator position
  • Versatile jaws - Secure small center holes, thick wide based allow wheels, centerless wheels, and much more

Powerful tools to assist

  • Fast and easy rollers - Most tires can be pushed on and off, no switching tools
  • Inner "drop roller" - Speeds service times, never a need to remove to make room
  • Hydraulic carriage - Maximum power and fast tool positioning



Tulip-style clamp

Quickly & easily clamp assemblies with no damage to the wheel

All-in-one controls

Houses all user operations, pivots to allow flexibility, and height is adjustable (two positions)

Bead-breaking rollers

Quickly & easily break tire beads with no wheel damage. Drop roller saves time.

Technician safety

The TCX635 functions close to the ground to keep heavy tires at a safe height.

Easily service special assemblies

Use the standard hook attachment to mount and demount tubed or sharp edged wheels, or other more difficult assemblies.



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Founded by Automotive Hall of Fame inductee Lee Hunter, Hunter Engineeringhas built a reputation for innovation.

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