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HunterNet® Online Business Tools

Connect your equipment to your customers


Your shop's performance

View trends and set new goals


Customer discussions

Using easy-to-understand tools and specific to their vehicle


Extensive undercar information

At your fingertips


Connected services

HunterNet® empowers your business through connected Hunter technology

Vehicle Inspection

Capture alignment and tire inspection results with Hunter unmanned equipment

Wheel Alignment

Record alignment measurements using the HawkEye Elite®

Wheel Balancing

Upload balancing data using the Road Force® Elite

    For managers
    For vehicle owners
    For service advisors
    For technicians



    • Get a free quote or on-site demo
    • General information & questions


    This contact form is intended for legitimate Hunter equipment and service inquiries.  All other use is prohibited and will be discarded. See Full Terms of Use




    For Managers

    Boost shop performance by seeing your daily achievements and goals

    Receive daily reports

    • Automatic, daily performance snapshots by email or text
    • View inspection rates and opportunities
    • Measure alignment numbers and conversions
    • Track balancing and Road Force® utilization
    • Achieve big audacious goals



    Track statistics and generate reports

    • Breakdown "repair opportunities found" vs "repair orders generated" by the week, month or year
    • Analyze results and failure rates for specific test types
    • Track alignment activity
    • Store vehicle records to create customer history
    Upload to cloud icon

    Did you know?

    Automatic upload

    Before HunterNet®, making data-driven decisions required manually compiling multitudes of results. Today, HunterNet®-connected devices automatically upload results and usage data, into a convenient dashboard on that can be viewed on desktop or mobile devices.

    For Vehicle Owners

    See vehicle results instantly with Flightboard™ autonomous digital display

    Hunter's Flightboard™ digital display results offer complete transparency for your customers.

    Language support currently for U.S. English only


    Provide complete customer transparency with a digital, comprehensive report of your customer's vehicle.


    Increase trust and customer acceptance rates for needed and recommended services.


    Flightboard™ is ideal for service drives, customer write-up spaces, and waiting areas.

    Are you ready to see how HunterNet® can work for you?

    For Service Advisors

    Drive repair authorizations to a new level

    Communicate results and maintain customer data

    • Save and recall results to help pinpoint service opportunities
    • Allow customers to view results online or email them directly
    • Provide results to other businesses to validate warranties or insurance claims

    Educate your customers by eliminating confusing technical conversations

    • Communicate results with illustrations, videos and pictures, helping customers make better service decisions and build trust
    • Close more service opportunities and increase labor hours per repair order by better informing customers
    • Find open, unperformed recalls and streamline communication with customers



    • Get a free quote or on-site demo
    • General information & questions


    This contact form is intended for legitimate Hunter equipment and service inquiries.  All other use is prohibited and will be discarded. See Full Terms of Use




    For Technicians

    Access vehicle-specific undercar information at your fingertips

    Increase technician productivity with vehicle information at their fingertips

    • Explore a vast collection of vehicle-specific undercar information
    • Eliminate time-consuming manual searches with our online database of advanced sensor reset requirements
    • See how-to's and instructions featuring illustrations, images and videos
    Adjustment Method

    See all adjustment types for customer’s vehicle and if additional kit is required.

    Tools & Kits

    View all tools and aftermarket kits needed for customer’s vehicle.

    Alignment Type

    Identify if a vehicle requires a 4-wheel or thrust-angle alignment.

    Are you ready to make the connection?





    Explore further

    Unmanned Inspection

    Automatic, hassle-free results

    Check the most important alignment angles and edge-to-edge tire tread on every car that visits your shop, no stopping or labor required.

    HawkEye Elite® Alignment

    Productive, profitable wheel alignments

    Four precision cameras measure each wheel using Hunter’s patented QuickGrip® adaptors.

    Road Force® Elite

    Wheel Balancer

    The world's fastest diagnostic wheel balancer; providing a faster balance than any traditional balancer.

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