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Advancement of HunterNet Announced

2018-09-28 -

ST. LOUIS - Hunter Engineering Company® is proud to announce recent advancements to its powerful, online business intelligence tool, HunterNet®.

First introduced in 2002, HunterNet® revolutionized the connected equipment industry by providing realtime data to shops through equipment results, trends and management reports; allowing businesses to be more productive and profitable through data-driven decisions.

Hunter’s new autonomous alignment inspection system, Quick Check Drive, is seamlessly connected with HunterNet®. Alignment results are displayed automatically in seconds through Flightboard, a digital display of inspection readings that allows a customer to see results firsthand. Advisors can also quickly review body damage-cam photos of vehicles, potentially saving shops thousands of dollars in questionable damage claims. Managers are able to generate inspection and opportunity reports as well.

With recent advancements, Hunter’s Road Force® Elite wheel balancer is now also connected with HunterNet®, allowing balancing trends, results and details to be easily reviewed virtually alongside with Hunter’s wheel alignment and inspection technology in HunterNet®.

“When investing in new equipment, shops should strongly consider smart, connected equipment that provides real-time information to help customers and managers make informed, data-driven decisions,” noted Hunter Engineering product manager, Alan Hagerty.

Today, HunterNet® supports thousands of connected Hunter machines, which send tens of thousands of results every day, while driving growth and identifying opportunities for businesses worldwide.

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