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ProAlign HD Alignment Systems

Include all the essential features needed to perform fast and accurate alignments on heavy-duty vehicles

Hunter ProAlign HD

Fast and Powerful

The ProAlign HD alignment systems is fast and powerful while still being user-friendly.

ProAlign HD Alignment Systems
  • Fast and powerful
    Linux-powered system equipped with a quad-core Intel® processor and full-speed USB support
  • User-friendly
    Operate anywhere in the bay with the hand-held wireless remote control
  • Wide-screen display support
    Wide-screen format adds efficiency
  • Measurement capability
    Measure camber, caster, toe, thrust angle, Steering Axis Inclination (SAI), Included Angle (IA), Toe-Out-On-Turns* and Maximum Steering Angle*
  • Multi-language support
    Available in 36 languages
  • Extensive specification database
    Includes more than 20 years of international specifications with customizable additions
  • Consistently up-to-date
    Easily update specifications and software yearly



Powerful software features reduce alignment times and increase productivity!

WinToe® Procedure


Allows technician to adjust toe without locking the steering wheel. Virtually ensures a straight steering wheel on the first try!

Adjustment Bar Graphs

Adjustment bar graph displays show the amount and direction of adjusment necessary.

Vehicle-Specific Instructions

When special procedures are required, the instructions are provided on screen.

Work Management

Valuable customer information can be conveniently stored in the database, allowing shop personnel to quickly reference previous alignment work orders.

ProAlign® printouts help sell work

Explain needed parts and repairs and show completed work to customers using detailed, color-coded printouts. Clear and detailed printouts help you communicate and build rapport with your customers and sell more alignments.



Fast, accurate alignment with DSP700T sensors

DSP700T Sensors

  • Rolling compensation capability
  • Pro-Comp® compensation ensures accurate measurements even if wheels rotate after compensation
  • Lightweight, rugged and cordless

Self-Centering Wheel Adaptors

  • Efficient, innovative & easy-to-use
  • Lightweight, durable construction
  • Fits a wide range of wheel configurations and sizes



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