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Easy alignment service for the heaviest vehicles


Hunter Heavy-Duty Pit Racks


Heavy-Duty Pit Racks

Easy alignment service for the heaviest vehicles

Servicing heavy-duty trucks should not be hard. Hunter's Heavy-Duty Pit Racks offer ease of vehicle access in a high-capacity, robust construction. 

Choose from two different runway length models and add optional PowerSlide slipplate functionality.

  • Optional deep center for stand-up adjustments
  • Walk-around layout saves time raising or lowering

  • 762 mm.
    Runway width
  • 15875 kg.
    Runway capacity
  • 762 mm.
    Main pit depth
  • 9144 mm. and 5740 mm.
    Runway length options



Product family at-a-glance


Extended runway length
  • 15875 kg. Runway capacity
  • Galvanized 762 mm. wide runways
  • 9144 mm. Runway length
  • Built-in slipplates and turnplates for universal alignment capabilty
  • PowerSlide capable


Space-saving design
  • 15875 kg. Runway capacity
  • Galvanized 762 mm. wide runways
  • 5740 mm. Runway length
  • Built-in slipplates and turnplates for universal alignment capabilty
  • PowerSlide capable



Send a message to your local Hunter representative to receive a free pricing quote or product demo.




Wide runways

762 mm. extra-wide galvanized runways accommodate all vehicles. Align up to 7620 mm. wheelbases (8128 mm. service wheelbase).


Heavy-weight runway capacity of 15875 kg. is best-in-class. Longer, heavier axles have unlimited weight capacity when supported by concrete apron.

Unlimited Wheelbase

Longer vehicles can be serviced with rearmost axles on concrete apron. Your facility defines the limits, not the rack.

Built & installed locally

Designed & built in the USA, and installed locally by Hunter's highly-qualified service team.





Include one or two 9071 kg. capacity jacks to easily raise vehicles off runways.



Eliminate struggle with turnplate pins. Turnplates and slipplates lock and unlock at the right time (with FIA).



Choose from FIA locking turnplates to add productivity via aligner control or corrosion-resistant stainless steel turnplates.






Your local Hunter service representative can answer questions, help with equipment operation and provide on-site training.

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We have listed some things to consider when choosing an alignment rack.


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