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Hunter Revolution™ Tire Changer

Are you using your wheel service time efficiently?

Autonomous features revolutionize the tire changing process 

  • WalkAway™ mode streamlines a four tire changeover
  • Automatic functions provide safety for wheels and technicians
  • Eliminate experience gap by using same process for all wheels
  • Guided touchscreen interface simplifies training
  • Designed & built in the USA

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WalkAway™ operation

Free the operator to perform other tasks such as balancing wheels from the same set.


Guided touchscreen interface

Simplify training with tire changing procedure steps and graphics clearly displayed.


Simple pedal operation

Pressing or holding the pedal advances the operator through the tire changing steps.


Powerful press arms

Utilize press arms only when necessary or set them up to always use them automatically.


Safety for technician and wheels

Hands-free procudure keeps the technicain safe while automous functions prevent wheel damage.


Different wheels, same procedure

Operator experience is no longer a factor when servicing more difficult wheel assemblies.

Find out what efficient tire changing can do for your shop. Schedule a free demo or quote with your local Hunter representative.

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