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Hunter VAS Wheel Alignment Systems

Volkswagen Group mandates new alignment equipment standards worldwide




Volkswagen Group mandates new standards

VW AG has set forth new standards for alignment specification updates starting in 2024. 

Quarterly VW AG alignment specification updates, also referred to as target data updates, will only be possible with a valid, annual license from VW AG.

Things to Know


From 2024, quarterly VW AG alignment specification updates will only be possible with a valid license.


The annual license must be purchased from Volkswagen.


Minimum equipment standards apply in order to receive the quarterly specification updates.



Equipment Requirements

A VAS 6292 alignment system with Windows 10, HW2 or newer model PC with WinAlign 15.1 or newer is required. 

Older equipment is no longer supported by the new licensing model. Equipment replacement or upgrade is necessary to receive future quarterly specification updates.

Next Steps

Contact your local Hunter team today to ensure you are properly equipped.



What makes Hunter VAS 6292 wheel alignment worth the investment?

3D QuickGrip® Targets

Three-dimensional targets are easy to install, lightweight, low maintenance, and no metal-to-metal contact. Off-center clamping has no effect on accuracy.

High resolution

Four camera system dedicates a camera to each wheel ensuring accuracy.

WinAlign® alignment software

The patented, standard in alignment systems worldwide, WinAlign® provides quick and accurate measurements for maxiumum efficiency and profits.

Live Ride Height

Automate the ride height measurement procedure accurate to one millimeter. All new Volkswagen Group vehicle models require this measurement.

CAMM® (Control Arm Movement Monitor)

Take the guesswork out of VW Touareg dual-cam camber and caster adjustment. Track live measurements for precise front and rear cam adjustment.

Fully Integrated Alignment

With the Hunter lift rack connected to the aligner, features like slipplate/turnplate locking and unlocking are automatic, saving you time and trips around the vehicle.



Questions and Answers

  • Who is subject to the new standards?

    The new standards apply to Volkswagen, Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge, Audi, SEAT, CUPRA, Skoda, Bentley, Lamborghini, and Porsche dealers worldwide.

  • Where do I purchase the VW alignment specification license?

    The VW specification licenses must be purchased from the Volkswagen Group.

  • What is the VW tool number for the license?

    VAS 6292/9 is the Volkswagen Group tool number for the 2024 alignment specification license for Hunter VAS 6292 aligners. 

  • How long is the license valid?

    The 2024 license is valid for all 2024 quarterly updates.

  • How much does the license cost?

    Please refer to Volkswagen Group for the license fee.

    Local, on-site installation is not included in the Volkswagen license fee.

  • What is included in the 2024 license?

    For the 2024 license, you will receive a physical, electronic "dongle" key that must be installed in the equipment by your local Hunter team.

  • Who installs the license dongle?

    Contact your local Hunter team to request installation. Service call and labor fees will apply.

  • What is required for the license installation?

    The license installation requires a Hunter VAS 6292 alignment system with HW2 or newer PC and one-time internet connection for device registration.  Installation must be done an authorized Hunter representative.  After the initial license installation, quarterly specification updates can be performed by the workshop.

    Legacy V.A.G. 1944 systems are not supported.

  • Where do I get the quarterly VW alignment specification updates?

    The quarterly alignment specifications updates are available within the Volkswagen service portal, same as before.

  • What if I do not purchase the annual VW license?

    Without a valid VW license, the alignment specification database on the aligner cannot be updated each quarter as new VW AG vehicle specifications are added or existing specifications are revised. Note, the alignment equipment can continue function and perform alignments.  The previously installed vehicle specification database on the alignment equipment will also remain accessible but will not be up to date.

  • Can I purchase Hunter's full vehicle information database instead?

    Workshops may still purchase Hunter’s full OE vehicle information database updates from their local Hunter team for servicing all makes and models. Hunter’s full database does not replace the VW license necessary for the quarterly VW AG specification updates.



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