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Hunter HawkEye Elite® Alignment System

Are you maximizing your shop's alignment potential?

The most profitable wheel aligner on the market

  • Reduce setup time and trips around the vehicle to produce alignment results in just 70 seconds
  • Streamline wheel alignments with award-winning, patented WinAlign® software
  • Guide technicians using real-time 3D graphics, tool guides and 400+ videos and animations
  • Includes the most extensive vehicle database in the industry
  • Designed & built in the USA

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"Clients could tell the difference after getting a proper alignment."

"There are many repair and body shops that don’t perform accurate alignments. I have gained many clients that have had a bad experience because of other shops performing a poor alignment that was ruining their driving experience."

Matthew Roayaee

Team Leader, Auto Check Elite


Quick setup

Three-dimensional targets clamp on easily with no damage to the wheel.


High resolution

Four camera system dedicates a camera to each wheel ensuring accuracy.


Powerful software

Award-winning WinAlign® software maximizes productivity and reduces complexity.


Safe resets

Easily reset crucial safety systems as required after a wheel alignment.


Streamline the process

Fully Integrated Alignment communicates with Hunter alingment lift racks to automate the alignment process.


Communicate with your customers

Build trust by helping your customers make informed decisions about their vehicle service.

Find out what a productive wheel alignment system can do for your shop. Schedule a free demo or quote with your local Hunter representative.

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