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Simple operation, superior wheel protection


Hunter Center-Clamp Tyre Changers

Tire Changer

Center-Clamp Tyre Changers

Simple operation, superior wheel protection

Hunter offers five models of center-clamp tyre changers for any need.  From the popular three button leverless Auto34S to more basic models, damage-free operation is attainable for all budgets.

Features at-a-glance

  • Leverless and traditional options
  • Center-shaft clamping
  • Cam plate tightens under torque
  • Adjustable height mounting

Specifications at-a-glance

  • 1175 Nm
    Torque (on select models)
  • 0-14+ rpm
    Variable Speed (on select models)
  • Up to 34 in.
    Max Rim Diameters
  • 19 in.
    Max Rim Width



Product family at-a-glance


Three button operation
  • 10-34 in. Capability
  • Leverless polymer head
  • Telescoping chassis sets diameter
  • High-volume blast tank
  • Dual roller arms
  • Automatic indention
  • Standard press arm
  • Standard wheel lift

TCX70 Pro

  • 12-30 in. Capability
  • Hybrid leverless mount head
  • Fully synchronized arms
  • Dual roller arms
  • Touch indention
  • Standard press arm
  • Optional wheel Lift
technician using hunter TC39

TC39 & TC37

Compact & capable
  • 10-26 in. Capability
  • Leverless polymer head (TC39)
  • Standard polymer head (TC37)
  • Dual roller arms
  • Manual indention
  • Standard press arm
  • Optional wheel lift and side shovel


Conventional Center-Clamping
  • 10-26 in. Capability
  • Floating 3-point arm
  • Standard polymer head
  • PowerOut™ bead loosener
  • Built-in blast inflation
  • Optional plus device
  • Optional press arm
  • Optional wheel lift





tire changing icon

Did you know?

73% of assemblies today are considered difficult-to-service

Low-profile, run-flat, large diameter and heavy assemblies require skilled technicians when using conventional tyre changers.  


Being equipped with the most advanced, technology on the market today allows the equipment, instead of the technician, to eliminate fitment challenges.  





Give your technicians a break

Consistent service times, fewer technician decisions and autonomous WalkAway™ mode makes tyre service on the Hunter Revolution™ simpler than ever.

Revolutionize your business



Auto34R Exclusive Features


Precise Diameter Control

Electric telescoping chassis is smooth and responsive.


Simple controls

Auto34R features three button operation


Automatic Indention

Simplifies and speeds bead loosening


Memory Function 

Quickly returns toolhead to preset location


High-volume blast tank

Slim profile and large capacity to seat truck and SUV tires


Small footprint

Improved features save valuable floor space

TCX70 Pro Exclusive Features



Simple, three joystick control layout with touch indention function


Diameter control

Operate from a single point and retain diameter until reset


Hybrid leverless tool head

Lifts bead without use of levers and reduces wheel and tire damage risk


Convenient tool head

Swivels out of the way and resets to same rim automatically


Upper roller

Provides clearance on tall reverse assemblies


Two-position platten

Damage-free clamping on a wide range of wheels



Make wheel servicing safer and easier

Leverless polymer toolhead

Auto34R & TC39

  • No scratch polymer head functions as its own lever
  • Head is wide and thin for very low mounting stress
  • Head does not ride on the wheel face for scratch free operation

Hybrid leverless tool head

TCX70 Pro

  • Lifts bead without use of levers
  • Reduces wheel and tire damage risk

Conventional mounthead

TC37 & TC33

  • Durable polymer head for use with traditional levers.
  • Prevents wheel damage and follows the rim edge, no diameter adjusting needed.
  • Locks in vertically for clad wheel protection (TC37 only)

Powerful press arm

Auto34R, TCX70, TC39 & TC37. Optional on TC33

  • Assists mounting toughest tyres
  • Demounting assistance for runflats

Dual bead rollers

Auto34R, TCX70, TC39, TC37

  • Easy bead loosening
  • Lower roller demount bottom bead, making heavy tyres managable
  • Dual rollers essential for match mounting and bead massage

Plus device


  • Assists with a broad range of tyres from passenger cars to medium-duty trucks
  • Aids in lubricating, lifting and guiding the tyre into the drop-center
  • Adjustable roller angle



Secure wheels with no damage


  • Grip from the strongest part of the rim
  • No teeth to damage rim

Cam plate

  • Tightens just as much as needed to grip wheel
  • Three adjustment heights adapt to all wheel types

Flange plates (optional)

  • Several optional flange plates and clamping adapters to service wheels needing extra protections



Protect your customers' wheels today!




Ease-of-use features for technicians

Wheel lift (Auto34R)

Standard on Auto34R

Pick and place lift makes lifting and clamping heavy assemblies easy

Wheel lift (TCX70 Pro)

Optional on TCX70 Pro

Convenient ramp design easily and safely lifts large assemblies.

Wheel lift (TC models)

Optional on TC39, TC37 & TC33

Simplifies lifting heavy assemblies.  Safe and away from work area.

PowerOut™ side shovel

Optional on TC37 & TC39, standard on TC33

Break beads effortlessly to make tyre service easier.

Blast inflation

Handheld air blast nozzle directs burst where needed to seal beads.



Additional features

Variable speed

  • 0-14+ rpm forward speed is infinitely variable
  • Slow speed for reverse

Two-speed (7 / 17 rpm clockwise, 7 rpm counter-clockwise) on TCX70 Pro

Powerful drive

1166 Nm (860 ft-lbs) of torque won't stall on tough assemblies

880 Nm (650 ft-lbs) on TCX70 Pro



pulse icon

Did you know?

Bead massage reduces wheel vibrations

Bead massage reduces road force vibration by an average of seven pounds.   Some assemblies can see road force reductions well over 20 pounds!


To bead massage you need a dual bead roller center-clamp tyre changer.  While still clamped, inflate the tyre to OEM recommended pressure and refit the core.  One at a time, bring the bead roller against the sidewall of the tyre at the rim edge and press approximately 1/4 inch into the tyre.  Rotate two or three revolutions for each bead.


Bead massage takes less than a minute, but can significantly reduce road force, a leading cause of vibration.


Learn more



Send a message to your local Hunter business consultant to receive a free pricing quote or product demo.


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Your local Hunter service representative can answer questions, help with equipment operation and provide on-site training.

Purchase genuine Hunter replacement parts online


This contact form is intended for legitimate Hunter equipment and service inquiries.  All other use is prohibited and will be discarded. See Full Terms of Use




Having trouble deciding?

Here are some tips

We have listed some things to consider when choosing a tyre machine.


See them here

See how other shops are using them

technician using blast inflator on hunter auto34s tire changer
tech using polymer tool head on hunter tire changer
tech lifting tire off of auto34s tire changer
technician changing tire on tc3300 tire changer
tech using bead roller on tc39 tire changer
blast inflation feature on hunter auto34s tire changer
technicians using hunter wheel balancer and tire changer together
tech using leverless mount head on hunter tc39 tire changer
tech clamping tire on auto34s tire changer

Equip your shop with match-mounting capabilties.


Eliminate wheel vibrations by pairing the tyre machine with a Road Force® Elite wheel balancer. 





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Innovation Team


Hundreds of patented and exclusive features begin with the research and development team of mechanical, electrical and software engineers.

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