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Hunter Brand Guidelines

Hunter Logo



Consistent application of the Hunter logo is essential to building and maintaining brand recognition. 

For questions or concerns, contact Hunter Marketing at


Usage on light backgrounds

If possible, always use the full Hunter Engineering Company logo with red rule.

Single-color (black shown) version is available when printing/production limits the use of two colors.

Usage on dark backgrounds

On black or dark backgrounds, the red rule still can be used. Often though, a single-color (white shown) version may show better.

Usage on red background

On red backgrounds, a single-color white logo is to be used.


Do not alter, stretch, or skew the Hunter logo. Keep the logo proportions intact.


The Hunter logo requires a clear-space margin on all sides equal to the height of the "H" in the logo being placed (roughly 50% of its total height). Ensure that no other elements are within this space, especially other logos.

Registered trademark

The Hunter logo requires a registered trademark to be applied at all times. It is part of the artwork and should not be removed.

Alternate version

A slimmer version of the Hunter logo is also available. Its use is typically in context where the full Hunter Engineering Company brand is already defined or implied (ie. product labeling, banners, etc.).





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