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Bergey's Truck Centers on Hunter Quick Check® Commercial

"It's pretty easy to see the ROI with Quick Check®"


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Bergey’s Tire Centers appreciates the confidence Hunter technology instills in customers by using the best diagnostic equipment.

Bergey’s Tire Centers in suburban Philadelphia has built its reputation on forming a partnership with its commercial customers and providing the best service possible. “We’re not just a repair facility,” says Steve Ford, regional operations manager. “The equipment we use is to support all that.”

That’s why Bergey’s purchased Hunter’s Quick Check® Commercial unmanned inspection system. “The time savings and value we can provide to our customers is huge,” Ford says.

Not wasting days putting trucks on racks and searching for alignment issues is easy evidence of ROI, Ford says. Quick Check® Commercial’s immediate results save time, money and demonstrates Bergey’s is looking out for its customers’ interests.

Accordingly, opportunities have increased dramatically. Says Bergey’s master service advisor, “It’s a really crazy amount of alignments we’ve been able to sell.”



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