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Quick Check® Unmanned Inspection

Check every vehicle, see every opportunity


5x alignment opportunities

3D tire results help sell critical replacements

Flightboard™ provides complete transparency

Identify each vehicle automatically

Capture 40+ images of each vehicle as it enters

Provide printouts as a tangible selling tool

See your performance with HunterNet® 2 connectivity

Extensive OEM support



Vehicle Inspection





Quick Check® Drive

Identify & sell profitable service opportunities with unmanned passenger inspection



Extensive OEM support

Backed by Hunter's superior OEM specification database, pass/fail results are more accurate, saving time and avoiding comebacks

High-definition cameras

Automatically identify vehicles based on registered license plates. Add full-vehicle image capture of 40+ photos to prevent false damage claims (optional).

Accurate alignment results

Optical and laser sensors accurately measure camber and total toe by taking 16 measurements per tire. Results are repeatable.

Ready when you are

Scan a vehicle every 3 to 5 seconds, only activating when a vehicle is present.

Automatic tire tread measurement

Scan each tire edge-to-edge and provide accurate 3D models to help sell replacement opportunities.




"When I saw this piece of equipment, I knew I could build customer retention with it and offer customers something that nobody else had. It was a no-brainer to put it in all the stores."

Terry West

Chief Operations Officer at Eddy's Toyota





Return on Investment

See what unmanned inspection can do for you



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Quick Check® Commercial Features

Instant, unmanned inspection for heavy-duty dealers, repair shops and fleets


Automatic tire tread measurement

Lasers scan each tire edge to edge and provide 3-D models to illustrate the complete extent of tread wear.

Accurate alignment measurements

Optical and laser sensors scan camber, total toe and scrub by taking 16 measurements per tire. Results are repeatable.

Complete transparency

Detailed, digital results display automatically in waiting area or service drive.





"It really instills confidence in our ability to provide our customers with the best diagnostics."

Steve Ford

Regional Operations Manager, Bergey's Tire Center





Return on Investment

See what unmanned commercial inspection can do for you


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EV Readiness

Use inspection to identify core service needs as they arise



Undercar is the future of automotive service 

  • Tires are a core service
  • High profit margin
  • Can supplement other dwindling services
Based on Modern Tire Dealer's 2019 Automotive Service Study

Tech Retention & Recruitment

Allow your techs to tackle other tasks


Unmanned solutions means faster scans with no labor

  • Eliminate trips around the car
  • Capture data with unmatched accuracy
  • Reduce your intake lane footprint

Customer Experience

Inform your customer of immediate service needs



Complete transparency with Flightboard™ results

With digital or printed Flightboard™ results, you can recommend services with ease. From tire replacement to realignment, expose profitable opportunities while helping to best serve your customers. 



Proudly designed and built in the USA

From raw steel to finished product. When you choose Hunter, you’re investing in more than 1,000 American workers.





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We stand beside our equipment and your purchase. Hunter Engineering Company warrants new equipment replacement parts for three years and labor for six months.

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