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Mobile Tire Service

Meet your customers where they are




Mobile Service





Take your service to-go

Provide a convenient experience for your customers. By offering mobile tire service, you can expand your customer base, all while increasing tire sales and decreasing comebacks.



Rising Popularity

Create a mutual benefit for your customers and your shop


Mobile repair operations are able to successfully complete repairs in one visit to the client more than 85% of the time

The mobile repair market expanded at an average annual rate more than 20x that of total product growth for cars and light trucks in the U.S

As mobile repair surged, the number of technicians (full-time and part-time) active in the mobile repair market increased significantly

Sources: Aftermarket Matters 2022 and Lang Report 2022




Tire replacement

Quickly and safely change tires

Take Hunter® center clamp tire changers for a spin

Hunter's mobile tire changer line are Match Mounting® capable and handle difficult assemblies with ease

  • Match Mounting and Bead Massage ensure consistant results
  • Bead press arm provides a reliable traction point on any assembly


Compact & Capable
  • 10-26 in. Wheel rim capacity
  • Leverless (TC39) or conventional (TC37) polymer head
  • Dual roller arms
  • Bead press arm


Made for mobile
  • 14-26 in. Wheel rim capacity
  • Winged polymer head
  • Dual roller arms
  • Bead press arm
hunter tc33m tire changer


Mobile design
  • 12-24 in. Wheel rim capacity
  • Traditional polymer head
  • Optional press arm 




Rotate and balance

Properly balance wheel assemblies and prevent comebacks

Bring the SmartWeight® advantage with you

Hunter's entire mobile balancer line is SmartWeight® capable

  • Fewer weights per balance means saving onboard inventory space
  • Automatic centering checks ensures accuracy
hunter road force elite wheel balancer

Road Force® Elite

Detects radial force
  • Diagnostic load roller identifies road force and vehicle pulls
  • Automatic CenteringCheck® eliminates setup errors
  • Vision system automatically measures wheel dimensions
  • SmartWeight® efficient weight placement
  • eCal auto-calibration
hunter smartweight elite wheel balancer

SmartWeight® Elite

Intuitive touchscreen interface
  • Automatic CenteringCheck® eliminates setup errors
  • Vision system automatically measures wheel dimensions
  • SmartWeight® efficient weight placement
  • eCal auto-calibration
hunter smartweight pro wheel balancer

SmartWeight® Pro

Space-saving design
  • Smallest most lightweight footprint
  • CenteringCheck® eliminates setup errors
  • SmartWeight® efficient weight placement
  • No-touch wheel measurement
  • Single-knob interface



Return on Investment

How can mobile service benefit your business?


Eliminate comebacks

Comebacks defeat the promise of mobile service

All mobile tire changer options capable of bead massage


The issue of comebacks

Without proper equipment, wheels may still be imbalanced after service. This could result in lost time and fuel to return and fix the mistake, throwing off your route schedule, or customers becoming more skeptical of mobile service.

How are vibration issues identified?

The Road Force® Elite load roller can detect high spots in the tire and rim allowing you to match-mount them for a balanced assembly.

How are vibration issues corrected?

The dual rollers on Hunter's tire changers hold the tire in place while the wheel rotates to match the stiffest point on the tire to the lowest point on the rim. Bead massaging helps correctly seat the bead.



EV Readiness

Prepare your shop for future ADAS trends in electric vehicles



Undercar is the future of automotive service 

  • Tires are a core service
  • High profit margin
  • Can supplement other dwindling services
Based on Modern Tire Dealer's 2019 Automotive Service Study

Tech Retention & Recruitment

Give your technicians room to grow

Every day is different when your techs are on the road

  • Quick, adaptive thinking builds confidence and work ethic
  • Provide on-demand support for customers when they need it the most
  • Bring back valuable ROI for the business

Customer Experience

Providing service that puts your customers first


Drive time keeps people from returning to dealers for service

  • Only one-third of customers return to be serviced at a dealership 20 miles from home
  • Only 44% return for service at a dealership 11-15 miles from home

A service van driving <15 miles can put 56% of clients back in play

Based on Maintenance and Repair Study, Cox Automotive, 2016



Proudly designed and built in the USA

From raw steel to finished product. When you choose Hunter, you’re investing in more than 1,000 American workers.



Want to learn more about mobile service?

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More options

Expand your shop's capabilities with Heavy-Duty Mobile Fleet Service

Hunter's heavy-duty mobile service designs help you to offer a unique and highly-beneficial service to your customers





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