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V.S. Enterprises on Hunter Equipment

"Our service has gone one notch higher because of the machines provided to us."


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Tire dealer V.S. Enterprises prides itself on providing its customers with a complete service experience. Hunter equipment helps get them in and out as quickly as possible.

V.S. Enterprises in Chennai, India has been in business selling passenger tires for more than 25 years, but “We deal only with Madhus,” a premium dealer for Hunter Engineering equipment, says Sundar, V.S. owner. This is because V.S. has built its business on satisfying its customers, and that’s exactly what Hunter equipment is designed to do.

V.S. employs Hunter alignment, tire balancing and tire changing equipment. Sundar and the technicians appreciate the speed with which alignments can be performed, thanks in part to the quick adaptors on the Hawkeye Elite®. “The process, which is normally 15 to 20 minutes, becomes only six or seven minutes,” Sundar says.

Customers are happy with the quality work at V.S., says Sundar. “Our service has gone one notch higher because of the machines provided to us.”



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