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Boston Motor Werks on Hunter Road Force Elite®

"Less time, less effort and much less risk."


Rob Hanna, Owner of Boston Motor Werks in Belmont, MA, talks about the Road Force® Elite's short turnaround time, reduced strain, and the fact that his techs actually enjoy using the equipment and fight over who can do each set of tires.

Boston Motor Werks is a specialty shop serving primarily BMW and Porsche vehicles. We have grown a lot in the past years, to 6,000 square feet and six service bays, including one alignment bay.

To continue providing the highest quality service to our customers, we decided to invest in the Road Force® Elite wheel balancer. Most manufacturers, including vehicles we see in the shop every day, are moving to bigger and bigger wheels. Run-flat tires are also becoming the norm. We needed a machine that would make it easy for us to keep up with these specialty wheels and tires. The Road Force® Elite and the Revolution tire changer can handle just about any specialty wheel and tire combination.

The features of the Road Force® Elite are second to none. We rely on Straight Trak and the Road Force® Measurement every day. Road Force® Elite has also been worth the investment to keep our customer’s wheels unmarked. With Hunter, each job takes less time, less effort and much less risk. Vibration complaints and comebacks have all but disappeared with the Road Force® Elite. 

We have massively cut down the turnaround time for a set of four tires, not to mention the reduced strain on our technicians. The technicians actually enjoy using the equipment and fight over who can do each set of tires. The Road Force® Elite and Revolution have also cut down on training time. With our old equipment, it took 4-6 weeks for a technician to be comfortable with the machine, now a technician can use the equipment 2 or 3 times and have it down. The learning curve is much narrower than before, which saves me time as well.

Our local Hunter team is also very helpful and flexible. They always come by within a day or the next day anytime we reach out for assistance. Our Hunter equipment has been well worth the investment.

Rob Hanna

Owner, Boston Motor Werks



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