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Today’s vehicles demand the best equipment.

So do your technicians.


Don't just provide the tools to do the job.

Provide the best tools to do the best job.

Being a tech is hard work. Being a tech in a shop where there are obstacles to getting things done makes hard work harder. 

Skilled technicians know the difference. They demand equipment that helps them do their job faster, easier and safer

Investing in quality equipment is investing in retaining the great techs you have.

And attracting the ones you need.





What are technicians saying about Hunter equipment? 







"Our technicians actually enjoy using the equipment and fight over who can do each set of tires."


Boston Motor Werks, Belmont, MA




"The hardest part is rolling it over to the balancer."


Eddy's Toyota, Wichita, KS




"A guy can do an alignment and not really understand the difference between camber, caster or thrustline."


Jim Falk Lexus, Beverly Hills, CA




"[The AutoComp Elite®doesn't require me to take everything apart, so in the end it saves time and money."


Laura Ford, Sullivan, MO





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Invest in success

Training techs the way you'd want them trained

Hands-on experience

All Hunter training classes are led by ASE-certified instructors using training materials kept up to date through a rigorous curriculum review process.

  • Small group size and limited classroom time
  • Hands-on experience using the latest Hunter equipment
  • Training facilities located across the country
  • Heavy-duty truck facilities offer training on class 8 trucks and semi-trailers


Find a course near you

Hunter University

Hunter University’s eLearning courses are designed for all student levels and serve as an integral supplement to instructor-led training courses. In-depth information, detailed graphics, video and modular segments assist the participant in expanding their knowledge base at a self-determined level.

  • Train at your own pace
  • Explore new concepts


Explore Hunter University courses



Your local Hunter trainer is ASE-certified to help you learn and excel trough in-depth classes with appliable hands-on training.


This contact form is intended for legitimate Hunter equipment and service inquiries.  All other use is prohibited and will be discarded. See Full Terms of Use




Explore further

Innovation Team


Hundreds of patented and exclusive features begin with the research and development team of mechanical, electrical and software engineers.

Hunter Training


Learn from knowledgable trainers in hands-on equipment usage and classroom learning.

Hunter History

Since 1946

Founded by Automotive Hall of Fame inductee Lee Hunter, Hunter Engineeringhas built a reputation for innovation.

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