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How to find the right tire changer for your shop

Choosing the best tire changer for your shop is an important decision. Below is a list of things to consider when researching about tire changers. When you are ready to learn more or want to see a tire changer in action, you can reach out to your local Hunter team, who can provide detailed product information, on-site demos and pricing information.

Side Shovel Durability

The side shovel arm and mechanism is the most abused component on a tire changer. The size and heft of this system is an “easy-to-spot” indicator of the tire changer's durability.



While there is not a direct correlation between weight and durability, stronger tire changers generally weigh more.

Various Options

Various tire changers are optimized for certain types of tires. The best companies offer varying styles of equipment, not “one-size-fits-all” offerings.

Press Arm

More difficult tires usually require press points. Verify that press arms are available for any model you select. Are they available as an upgrade? You may want them later.


Service Support

Make sure the manufacturer supports their products in the field with a team of reliable service representatives.


Wheel Protection

This is vital with today's high performance specialty wheels. All reputable equipment has wheel protection built into every contact point with the rim or tire.



Today's tires take more torque to service than historical equipment. Pay particular attention to the power choices available, especially 220V options.

Filters, Lubricators & Regulators

All high quality tire changers use some type of filter with water seperator and pressure regulator. Many use high quality lubrication systems. A new development is new oil-less systems that are lubed for life, and never need oil jar filling


Does the manufacturer offer training at installation, on-site training, training videos, a decent operation manual, etc.?

Wheel serviceability of Hunter tire changers

OEM Standard

OEM Runflats


Specialty Types


See more...

See the full chart plus other considerations when choosing a Hunter tire changer.


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