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Hunter releases next-generation WinAlign® consoles!

2017-05-31 -

St. Louis – Hunter is proud to introduce the next generation of WinAlign® consoles, WA500 and WA600. The new consoles feature Hunter’s new HW2 PC running Windows 10 and WinAlign 15.1 software.

Hunter’s industry-leading WinAlign® alignment systems are used in automotive service facilities around the world. Other wheel alignment machines don’t come close to the productivity of the HawkEye Elite® aligner. This wheel aligner uses four precision cameras to measure the orientation of targets mounted to each wheel. The HawkEye Elite® wheel alignment system takes just 90-seconds to chock wheels and raise the lift to work height, mount targets and set air pressure, roll forward to compensate sensors, scan VIN numbers and print vehicle results automatically.

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