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First Class H.A.L.T. on Hunter HawkEye Elite®

"When we decided to open a second location, our first call was to our Hunter team."


Mark Maitland-Smith, Owner of First Class H.A.L.T. in Greenville, SC, talks about how Hunter was his first call for HawkEye Elite® wheel alignment system after they expanded to a new location.

I started my career in automotive service as a Honda tech and worked with Honda for 15 years, then I went to Lexus for two years. After becoming ASE certified and getting my automotive degree, I decided to step up and offer service that customers cannot get at the dealership. At First Class H.A.L. T., we give our customers the personalized service the dealerships can't match, at a price they can't touch. We've been in business just over six years and opened our second location eight months ago.

We actually decided a few years ago we wanted a Hawkeye Elite®, but it just wouldn't fit in our first location. When we decided to open a second, our first call was to our Hunter team, that part was easy. It has helped us establish ourselves as the new, premium service facility in our area. All new customers get on the rack for a Quick Check® of alignment, tires and diagnostics. It's great for identifying service opportunities for our customers and pointing out the green results on their printouts. The customers appreciate the before and after printouts, and they like the HunterNet® program that shows them results right on their phone or computer.

We now sell more alignments in our new facility than at our older location, making the alignment machine even more profitable. Plus, the technicians love using HawkEye Elite®. The Quick Grip® adaptors make it very easy to get work started, and the aligner has all the tools to help us save time and get on to the next job.

I know I can call any of my Hunter representatives for either location and get quick service. They work hard, they're down-to-earth, and I can tell they care about the success of First Class H.A.L. T., too.

I will say, initially I wasn't sure about the alignment lift. There are others out there for much less. But after getting it in here and using it, it's absolutely amazing. The automatic features and the light kit make it the coolest and most productive piece of equipment in the shop. It's great for tire service and oil changes too ... right after we check that alignment!

Mark Maitland-Smith

Owner, First Class H.A.L. T.

burkes automotive hunter engineering customer testimonial
burkes automotive hunter engineering customer testimonial



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