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Hunter Ultimate ADAS

Completely guided wheel alignment and ADAS calibrations in one


Alignment and static ADAS calibrations

Easily move to other workspaces

Spot-on, laser-guided target placement

Error-proof procedures

Fully-documented reports

360° target placement

HunterNet® 2 connectivity

Installation and training included

Ultimate ADAS™




The all-in-one solution

Fastest, easiest ADAS calibrations plus profitable wheel alignment

















Fastest, easiest ADAS calibrations plus profitable wheel alignment


Spot-On Target Placement

Patent Pending
  • Lasers paint target location all around the vehicle
  • Guided procedure provides step-by-step instruction
  • No strings, plumb bobs or tape measures

Error-Proof Procedures

Patent Pending
  • Cameras and lasers confirm placement
  • Returns tech to previous step when errors are detected

World-Class Documentation

  • Easily understood graphics to better convey results to the customer
  • Driven by OEM specs
  • Speeds payment

Standard-Setting Alignment

  • Includes all the features from Hunter's best aligners
  • Enhanced, award-winning WinAlign® software
  • QuickGrip® wheel targets, 4-camera system, and rack integration

Auto Height, Roll, Pitch, Yaw

  • Motors and actuators automate and monitor tedious adjustments
  • Computerized adjusters improve accuracy

HunterNet® 2 Portal

Equipment Intelligence
  • Digital printout archive
  • Coverage lookup
  • Other business services and accessory ordering



Return on Investment

Quickly pay for your ADAS investment with alignments alone

EV Readiness

Prepare your shop for future ADAS trends in electric vehicles



Undercar is the future of automotive service 

  • Tires are a core service
  • High profit margin
  • Can supplement other dwindling services
Based on Modern Tire Dealer's 2019 Automotive Service Study



Designed and built in the USA

From raw steel to finished product. When you choose Hunter, you’re investing in more than 1,000 American workers.





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We stand beside our equipment and your purchase. Hunter Engineering Company warrants new equipment replacement parts for three years and labor for six months.

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