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Hunter Engineering Company knows that you care how information about you is collected, used and shared. This notice describes what information is collected when you use our Quick Check Drive App, why it is collected, and how it is used.

What Personal Information About Customers Does Quick Check Drive App Gather?

Quick Check Drive App does not collect any information provided by the user. The Quick Check Drive App does not collect information related to the user or the user’s interaction within the App, and does not transmit any such information to a server or third party. Hunter Engineering Company does receive anonymous analytic data from the App Store and uses that information for maintaining the application and the application product page to improve overall Quick Check Drive App experience.

Disclosure of Personal Information

Since the Quick Check Drive App does not collect any information related to, or from the users, your personal information is safe and will not be disclosed to any third party.

Conditions of Use, Notices, and Revisions

If you choose to use the Quick Check Drive App, your use and any dispute over privacy is subject to this notice. If you have any concern about privacy within the Quick Check Drive App, please send a thorough description to Our business changes constantly, and this notice may be subject to change. This notice applies only to use of the Quick Check Drive App.

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