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How to find the right alignment rack for your shop

Choosing the best alignment rack for your shop is an important decision. Below is a list of things to consider when researching about alignment racks. When you are ready to learn more or want to see a Hunter's fully integrated alignment system in action, you can reach out to your local Hunter team, who can provide detailed product information, on-site demos and pricing information.


Wheelbase & Weight Capacity

These are two critical decisions when selecting an alignment rack. Damaging a spoiler or rocker panel will tarnish your shop’s reputation and decrease the profit.



The most durable and strongest alignment lifts are generally the most heavily built. Wherever possible, look at a lift in service if you can. 



Many alignment racks include features that drive productivity in the service center by saving time, effort and increasing accuracy.



Alignment racks should be equipped with two wheels-free jacks. Make sure the jack capacities match or slightly exceed the capacity of the lift.


Service Support

Make sure the manufacturer supports their products in the field with a team of reliable service representatives.



The alignment rack you select will often be dictated by available space. Choose an alignment rack that is good for limited space and built for productivity. 


Hunter Alignment Racks

Scissor Lifts

Maximum productivity, minimum space

Four-Post Lifts

Available in open or closed configurations

Pit Racks

For passenger cars and light trucks

HD Pit Racks

For heavy-duty trucks and buses

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