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HunterNet® 2 User Guide

Hi, welcome to the HunterNet® 2 user guide.  Please explore to learn more.

Getting Started

Active New Account

Learn how to activate a new account in HunterNet® 2.

User Login

Learn how to log into HunterNet® 2.

Site Introduction

Learn how to navigate your HunterNet® 2 Portal.

Account Password Reset

Learn how to reset your account password in HunterNet® 2.

Account Security Question

Learn how to get help with your security question in HunterNet® 2.



Explore the Site

Dashboard Overview

Explore your HunterNet® 2 store dashboard.

Buy Consumables

See how to easily order consumable parts in HunterNet® 2.

Push Reports

Learn how to get Push Reports in HunterNet® 2.

Connected Equipment

Learn about Connected Equipment in HunterNet® 2.

Installed Equipment

See your Installed Equipment information in HunterNet® 2.



Equipment Results

Inspection Results

Alignment Results

View alignment results with before and after measurements in HunterNet® 2.

Balancing Results

Explore balancing results including spin and road force values in HunterNet® 2.

Tire Changing Results

See tire changing results with before and after wheel image images in HunterNet® 2.



Site Settings

Invite New User

Learn how to add or invite a new user in HunterNet® 2.

General Settings

Learn about general settings in HunterNet® 2.

Revenue Settings

Learn more about the wheel alignment and tire revenue estimates in HunterNet® 2.

Setting Goals

Explore the Goals feature in HunterNet® 2.

Inspection Results - Tire Quote Setup

See how to setup the tire quote feature in HunterNet® 2.

  • Getting Started

    Account Activation
    HunterNet2 access requires a valid user account.
    Contact your local Hunter representative for an account invitation via email.
    Complete the account activation process as instructed.

    Log In
    Click the user icon in top right corner of the Hunter website to visit
    Login with your HunterNet account credentials.
    If you need assistance, click “Need help signing in?” and follow the on-screen prompts.

    Store Selection
    Users can be associated one, multiple, or no stores. 
    If a user is associated to one store, then the user will automatically be directed to that store's landing page and the store selection page will not be shown.
    If a user is associated to multiple stores, then list of stores will be displayed for the user to select and view that store's dashboard.  Users can select a different store from the user functions described further in the "Site Functionality" tab.
    If a user is no longer associated to any store, then the user will be directed to contact their store manager(s).  

  • Site Functionality

    Landing Page
    The store dashboard is the landing page once a user is logged in successfully.  The site is fully responsive based on screen size for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

    Site Menu
    For desktop, the menu is located on the left side of the site.  Simply click the link to navigate to the desired pages.
    For mobile, the site menu and user functions are available from the hamburger icon in the top left corner.  Select the hamburger icon to view.

    User Ribbon
    The user ribbon is located along the top of the site and features user functions including messaging,  shopping cart, notifications, and user functions.
    For desktop and tablet, the user ribbon is located along the top of the page.
    For mobile,  the user ribbon is moved to bottom of the site menu.

    User Functions
    The user functions include user profile, order history (for store), help and support (this page), view different store (for users associated to multiple stores), and sign out.

  • Equipment Connectivity

    Equipment Connectivity
    HunterNet® 2 connects with a wide range of Hunter products including vehicle inspection, wheel alignment, wheel balancing, and tire changing equipment. 

    Hunter connected equipment must have a stable internet connection and store registration process completed for the equipment data to appear online.  Registered  equipment appears in the Connected Equipment list.

    Refer to Internet Requirements as well as Connected Equipment Requirements below for complete details.

  • Store Dashboard

    Wheel Alignment Revenue
    Revenue estimate is based on connected Hunter alignment inspection and alignment equipment activity.
    Average wheel alignment revenue input can be customized in settings.

    Tire Revenue
    Revenue estimate is based on connected Hunter inspection and tire changing OR balancing equipment activity.
    Average tire revenue input can be customized in settings.

    Wheel Alignment Trends
    Based on connected Hunter alignment inspection and wheel alignment equipment activity.

    Tire Trends
    Based on connected Hunter tire inspection and tire changing equipment activity. Does not display balancing activity at this time.

    Measures equipment activity versus set goal over desired period of time.

    Connected Equipment
    Displays list of Hunter connected equipment that is registered and authorized to report data to the store.
    Calculates estimated payback based on ROI inputs available in the Connected Equipment Settings page.

    Installed Equipment

    Displays list of all major Hunter equipment installed within approximately the last 10 years according to Hunter's installation records.
    Equipment can be selected to view documentation, request service, order consumables, and watch training videos.
    Does not display minor equipment or accessories.

    Date range is limited to the last 90 days for dashboard date filters

  • Consumable Ordering

    What’s Available
    Consumables parts such as mount heads, lube brushes, paste, balancer pressure rings, brake lathe bits, and other parts that are consumed through the use of equipment.  Repair parts are not available in the online portal.  Consumables are only offered to customers based in the USA and will only be shipped to destinations in the USA.

    Product Consumables
    To make ordering easier, Hunter consumables are tailor recommended based on the store's known, installed equipment.  The full range of Hunter consumables is also available to all users as well.

    Shopping Cart
    Displays items in cart and contains checkout button.  Quantities or items removed from the shopping cart. 

    Subtotal based on parts is displayed at all times.  Taxes and shipping are calculated once shipping method is selected and a shipping address is provided.
    Checkout may be through all major credit card types or PayPal.  All payments are processed through PayPal’s commerce platform, one of the most sophisticated and secure in the world.

    Order History
    All orders are saved by store for easy tracking and reordering.  Use this handy feature to re-order you common replacement parts.

    Ordering Help
    If you experience technical difficulties purchasing online, your Hunter Service Representative is always available to assist and can still offer your consumable parts as they do today.  In addition, your Service Representative can provide you with repair parts and service, usually within two days or less.   Your local service representative is shown on your HunterNet portal.

    Returning Unused Parts
    If you order consumable part in error and need to return all or a portion of your order, email  Please include your order number and the quantity and part number of the items you are returning.  You will be given detailed instructions on return details.  Only part cost and applicable taxes will be refunded, there will be no partial or complete refunds for freight unless Hunter shipped the incorrect part numbers.

  • Push Reports

    Push Reports
    Configure daily, automatic reports for desired email and text recipients.
    Enter daily goals (required) in the goals setting page which is available from the Goals block on the Store Dashboard page.
    Reports are sent at the selected times based on 24 hour format.  Adjust the store time zone at Store Settings > General Settings.
    Reports include inspection, alignment, and balancing results. 

  • View Equipment

    View Equipment
    Displays Connected Equipment and complete listing of Installed Equipment.

    Connected Equipment
    Displays list of Hunter connected equipment that is registered and authorized to report data to the store.
    Calculates estimated payback based on ROI inputs available in the Connected Equipment Settings page.

    Installed Equipment

    Displays list of all  major Hunter equipment installed within approximately the last 10 years according to Hunter's installation records.
    Equipment can be selected to view documentation, request service, order consumables, and watch training videos.
    Does not display minor equipment or accessories.

  • Inspection Results

    Inspection Results
    Displays tile view of latest vehicle inspection results from connected inspection equipment.
    Ability to sort inspection results by date and equipment.
    License plate is outlined in red for vehicles with unperformed, open recalls.
    Click printout icon to view detailed vehicle inspection results.
    Click photos icon to view body images for eligible Quick Check Drive® systems.
    Click pen icon to edit vehicle inspection results as desired.
    Supports Hunter's WinAlign alignment and tire inspection equipment.

  • Alignment Results

    Alignment Results
    Displays latest vehicle alignment results from connected wheel alignment systems.
    Ability to filter by date and equipment.
    Option to search for an individual vehicle alignment result by VIN or plate.
    Option to show/hide shop, license, and work order columns. 

  • Balancing Results

    Balancing Results
    Displays latest balancing results from connected balancing equipment.
    Ability to sort by date and equipment.
    Select arrow to view assembly spins, weight usage and Road Force measurements.
    VIN must be captured on equipment to appear.

  • Tire Changing Results

    Tire Changing Results
    Displays latest tire changing results from connected tire changers.
    Ability to sort by date and equipment.
    Select drop down arrow to view enlarge before & after wheel and tire images.
    Procedure icons stand for Walkaway, Bead Massage, and Match Mounting.
    DOT code, vehicle description, and remarks must be entered in the machine during the service procedure to appear.

  • Contacting the Hunter Team

    Contacting the Hunter Team
    Hunter local team members can be reached via phone call or online message.
    Store and individual contact information is automatically input in the online message form for ease of communication.
    Hunter team members are automatically notified once the online message is sent and will reach out using the contact information provided.
    For urgent or time-sensitive matters, please call your local Hunter team member.

  • Store Settings

    Set time zone for the display of data and push reports.

    User Management
    Displays list of users who have access to the store.
    Ability to invite new or remove existing users.
    All store users have full access to store pages and functionality at this time.

    Connected Equipment
    Displays list of connected equipment.
    Ability to generate activation codes to register new connected equipment.
    Ability to set ROI inputs, nickname, or de-register equipment.

    Revenue Settings
    Input average alignment and tire service revenue to calculate the Wheel Alignment. Revenue and Tire Revenue block estimates.

    Goal Settings
    Set daily goals for Goals block as well as push reports.

  • Internet Requirements

    Internet Requirements
    Hardwire internet connection to equipment.

    Quick Check Drive
    • Download Speed: 20 Mbps or greater
    • Upload Speed: 20 Mbps or greater
    • Ping: 1000 ms or less

    Wheel Aligners, Balancers, Tire Changers, and other Inspection Equipment
    • Download Speed: 10 Mbps or greater
    • Upload Speed: 10 Mbps or greater
    • Ping: 1000 ms or less

    Supported Browsers
    • Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge latest versions

  • Supported Connected Equipment

    Supported Connected Equipment

    Inspection Equipment
    • WinAlign® 15.1+

    Wheel Aligners
    • WinAlign® 15.1+

    Wheel Balancers
    • Road Force® Elite 4.3+
    • Heavy Duty Elite™ 
    • SmartWeight® Elite
    • SmartWeight® Pro

    Tire Changers
    • Revolution™ 1.8.1+

    Brake Lathes
    • On-car and bench lathe support coming soon

  • Coverage & Availability

    HunterNet® 2 is available for all Hunter shops located across North America at no added cost. 

    International availability is planned for the future.  International shops can invest in supported Hunter connected equipment today and unlock HunterNet® 2 access when it is released globally. 

    Online consumable ordering is only available in the United States.


    HunterNet® 2 is currently offered in US English.  Additional language support is planned for the future.





Ready to visit HunterNet® 2?



Send a message to your local Hunter representative to receive a free pricing quote or product demo.

Your local Hunter service representative can answer questions, help with equipment operation and provide on-site training.



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