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Hunter Engineering boosts BL Series Bench Lathes with new tablet

2021-11-12 -
Superior user interface provides more information and ease of use

ST. LOUIS – Hunter Engineering is happy to announce the addition of a tablet to its BL Series of bench lathes, bringing a range of information to the technician’s fingertips in an intuitive, user-friendly display.

Previously, to find the rotor’s minimum thickness or maximum drum diameter, the technician had to search for it on the equipment itself. With the new tablet, the operator can look up the vehicle and access the specifications immediately.

The tablet then calculates the distance between the cutting bits on the lathe and compares it live to the specifications. When the bits move beyond the specs, the screen turns red. When they stay within, the screen remains green.

Ease of use is the tablet’s key function, said Greg Meyer, senior Hunter product manager. “Finding the spec on the item itself can be a pain, because it’s often rusty, or dirty, or just hard to get to,” he said. “With the tablet, you now have a very nice convenient lookup.”

The tablet also displays information on the depth of cuts, speeds and settings, as well as offers training videos and helpful animations to guide the technician through various procedures. After a certain number of cuts, the BitMinder function reminds the user when it’s time to rotate the bits.

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